1. Garry

    List of HJ Wehrertüchtigungslager and Reichsausbildungslager

    The aim here is to compile lists of all known Wehrertüchtigungslager (HJ pre-military training camps) for the HJ. This thread includes a complete list as at 29.5.1943 and a list of known Reichsausbildungslager (this list is not dated but has been culled from various sources). The last list...
  2. Garry

    List of NPEA schools

    class="vw-table cms_table_grid" |- class="cms_table_grid_tr" | class="cms_table_grid_td" | Name of NPEA | class="cms_table_grid_td" | Location | class="cms_table_grid_td" | Opened (closed) | class="cms_table_grid_td" | Notes |- class="cms_table_grid_tr" | class="cms_table_grid_td" | 1...