1. Northwind

    Ordensburg Vogelsang Sammelbilder

    8 Trading Cards from my fathers AHS time.:001_smile:
  2. Northwind

    Adolf Hitler Schule Vogelsang

    My father visited the AHS at Ordensburg Vogelsang in 1941. Here are some postcard memories I found.
  3. Paul Ayerst

    NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang - Belgiums have left and Germany has a school back

    here is an interesting story just found Finishing School for Nazis to Become Museum
  4. Alfrie

    NSDAP training school monschau - NSDAP Ordensburg Vogelsang

    haye every one just been looking thought my old holiday pics from last year and forgot that i had been here monschau on a day trip which was really nice we visited the old NSDAP camp which now is a learning institute for schools on wild life and things of that nature, the guide did not tell us...
  5. Garry

    List of HJ Wehrertüchtigungslager and Reichsausbildungslager

    The aim here is to compile lists of all known Wehrertüchtigungslager (HJ pre-military training camps) for the HJ. This thread includes a complete list as at 29.5.1943 and a list of known Reichsausbildungslager (this list is not dated but has been culled from various sources). The last list...
  6. H2OCO2

    List of RZM codes (RZM Herstellerliste)

    Source: http://www.hj-research.com/forum/f90/rzm-hersteller-list-1190/index2.html#post36054 M1/1 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke ~ Luckenwalde M1/2 Richard Conrad ~ Weimar M1/3 Max Kremhelmer ~ München M1/4 Karl Gutenkunst ~ Oranienburg ( License withdrawn on 10.01.1935) M1/5 Walter Simon ~ Dresden...