Walther PP Ehrenpreis des Chefs d. Hauptamtes II


Oct 26, 2022
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A friend acquired this interesting Walther PP in .22 caliber with holster and unusual red finger extension magazine. As shown in the photos, the slide is engraved "Reichsjungendführung EHRENPREIS des Chefs d. Hauptamtes II". The production date of the pistol is estimated to be late 1940/early 1941 when the Chef d. Hauptamtes II was Ober-Gebietsführer Dr. Schündler. One would think the award would have been for success in some shooting marksmanship contest held by the HJ/RJF. But as Hauptamtes II supervised other areas of training besides para-military marksmanship, perhaps the pistol was awarded for excellence in some physical activity contest? Although the Walther PPK in 7,65mm and 6,35mm was the designated pustol for HJ leaders, thisi Walther PP in 5,6mm was presented instead.

I noted the red finger extension on the magazine was unusual. Among Walther collectors, the red finger extensions are usually seen on pistols issued to employees of the Reichsbank. This pistol is in 5,6mm/.22 lr caliber and one would think any period .22 calibe ammunition would be proper to display with the pistol. But infact, the munitions firm of RWS created a special .22 cartridge to be used in semi-auto .22 caliber pistols and rifles that appeared on the German market beginning in the early 1930s. This special ammunition was sold in boxes especially marked with green labels to denote their use in semi-auto weapons. I have also attached a photo of these boxes.

Does anyone have any HJ magazine or newspaper articles from the 1940/41 time period that might mention such a contest where the pistol was presented?

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Sorry, I don't have information, but.. what a beautiful gun!
I love the Walther PP!
Such a small and fine piece of work!