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    BDM jacket for opinions

    Hi folks,

    My first time here, been sent over from WAF.

    Essentially I recently picked up this early "home made" BDM jacket, after just getting into HJ kit, and needed an expert opinion. Except it's caused some debate over there, especially in regards to the triangle so any help would be much appreciated.



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    Hi JC and welcome to the forum. You'll need to upload images here directly to the forum. The forum software won't allow you to use external image hosting sites. If you need assistance here's some links to the photo posting help section. Welcome.

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    Sorry about that, I always use external sites in attempt to help with the bandwidth.
    Thanks for uploading those shots too, here are a couple more of the triangle to help with that.

    As I said any opinions are greatly appreciated.

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    Can you post a photo of the back of the triangle , at first glance , I do not like it .

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