1. Pimpf359

    HJ Triangle - Ost Mark Brandenburg

    I want to show you my new triangle, which is very hard to find. Unfortunately, I still miss the BDM.
  2. S

    Unknown Hitler Youth unit

    Hi guys, a friend of mine got this picture, which is very intersting in my opinion. The boys already look very old for an HJ unit and they also wear a lot of awards. Do you have information about it? Which unit was it? Can you read the district triangle? Thanks in advance for your help! BR Sven
  3. mkholst

    Süd Bayreuth HJ-triangle

    I have had this triangle for some time, but I have just read in Wim’s “Handbook of the H J” that it’s ”considered as quite rare”. Do any of you know why this triangle is rare?? I know that we have several “triangle-specialist” on this forum, and it would be nice to have a list where the...
  4. M

    Hitler Youth HJ shoulder straps "Brasilien"

    I found this set on Google image search and was wondering if it could be real? The boards look good to me (same style as the "Japan" boards), the triangle looks a bit selfmade like all these foreign triangles. Anybody know more about this?
  5. holzwurm_1920

    "Ostafrika Hohenfriedberg" triangle at ratisbon´s

    Hello, whats your opinion on this triangle. Regards Holzwurm
  6. W

    NPEA Wien-Theresianum Certificates ( Zeugnisse )

    Hello, two new certificates of the NPEA Wien-Thresianum school for the years 1943 and 1944. Beautiful set with the triangle of the same school bought at the beginning of the year. Eric
  7. S

    My new triangles BDM and HJ. First: Süd Franken

    Hi guys, I just started to collect HJ/BDM triangles and I would like to show you my first arrivals. Here I would like to show you my BDM triangle - Süd Franken. I hope everything is fine. Thanks in advance for your replies! Best regard Sven
  8. M

    HJ triangle - West Westfalen-Süd

    My new arrival from today, one of the harder to find triangles. It seems to have been glued into an album, but with such pieces you must not complain I think :-)
  9. J

    HJ Membership Badges Marked Otto Hoffmann

    After years of talking about these badges, multiple threads and comments from many members and hours upon hours of research, the truth is rather simple. This thread has been pinned for easy reference. 1. The first manufacturer responsible for making the new shaped Hitler Youth Membership...
  10. M

    HJ Ost Wartheland triangle - unused with RZM label

    A new and well sought after triangle I could acquire last week. Unworn and with RZM label. Very nice addition to my collection.
  11. Pimpf359

    " RJF Wachgefolgschaft " Triangle for BDM ?

    This triangle was sold with a big heap. BDM triangles are not known to me. Are there here pictures where it this carry points? Unfortunately, I could find nothing about that.
  12. T

    Flieger-HJ Bluse - what kind of sleeve triangle?

    Hi . I want to complete my Flieger-HJ bluse . But i don't know what kind of sleeve triangle i have to use . Have you got any photos etc ? I found this triangle ( photos) on auction , What do you think ? its good ? and its fit to flinger blues ?
  13. D


    Hello, Find herewith a few informations concerning triangles manufacturing between 1936 and 1938. At first, there is a noteworthy exception in the story of HJ and BDM Armdreiecke (triangles) with the second "Landjahr" triangle. This one will remain the same with regard to its font until 1945...
  14. John Brandon

    BDM Mittelelbe sleeve triangle with blue RZM label?

    Hi chaps - any reason this one would have a blue paper label instead of the normal red one? Thanks
  15. CasLunter

    HJ member wearing "RJF Wachgefolgschaft" Triangle and "Baldur von Schirach" cufftitle.

    Hi there, I am looking to buy this set of pictures what would you say is on the triangle, looks like RJF... I am also curious about the baldur von schirach cufftitle. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Cas
  16. P

    Hitler Youth sleeve triangle Hamburg?

    Hi, I'm a newbie here, I believe that Hamburg was (or was part of) Gebeit 26 and I am trying to discover that Triangle patch would be worn by HJ members in Hamburg. Please can anybody advise me. Thanks Pete
  17. S

    Help with picture of relative while in the HJ.

    Hello all, I was unsure where else to post this. I am currently doing some minor research on a family member, I recently found this portrait picture of him while in the HJ. Could anyone help me with some identification on him? I'm thinking the triangle is saying "Sud Hochland" which would...
  18. D

    Triangle manufacturing 1933-1936

    Hello, Herewith are pictures of the major triangle manufacturing during what I name EPOCH 1 (1933-1936). All fabrications during EPOCH 1 are machine woven, and this also until 1945. Machine embroidered and hand embroidered never existed (even if some moms did a personal work in the...
  19. M

    Rare Nord / Ostsee HJ triangle

    Here is my Nord Ostsee triangle. This is the second piece I've ever seen.
  20. Garry

    HJ Bann 824

    Bann 824 is currently unknown but I found a HJ achievement book a while back that shows that the boy was a member of this Bann, specifically of Fähnlein 8/824. The Gebiet is shown in the book as 7 Nordsee and the WEL stamps are also for that Gebiet so it clearly follows that 824 was in Gebiet 7...