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    DJ Jungbann Munchen Strap

    Single DJ strap for Liebstandarte Jungbann München-Nordwest, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 19 Hochland. Only 2 DJ Jungbanns from Munich used this style of strap (1/L and 2/L) from January 1st 1936 to October 1938. The 1/L designation was for München-Sudost.

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    Hi Daren

    Did you get this one from Weitze ?

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    very very nice well done darin no wonder i cant get any boards anymore you keep sending out your little old lady she must have a free bus pass i think

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    scarce strap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-collector View Post
    scarce strap!
    Not easy to find, but the "1/L" and Bann "J" are impossible to find. I have looked for years.

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    then you look at the one you already got and stop crying! would love an AHS/NPEA one! too cool!

    mind i would be happy to find a 2/L like yours but thats not likely to happen!

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    Never say never . LOL
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    AHS and NPEA are the holy grail of DJ straps. I tried to buy an AHS one some time ago. Seller had several AHS straps and one DJ strap and kept shopping them around on several forums fishing for the maximum offer for the lot. As I have several AHS straps I did not have interest in the HJ versions. I offered 550 USD for the DJ alone and he would not budge. It became frustrating as he kept shopping them around and around. I heard he eventually did sell the lot at the SOS in Kentucky some time later.

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    Joe i love your optimism mate it gives me hope lol and what a great picture!!

    Darin, that would have been a bummer! 550 was a good offer, and agree it would the holy grail of the small black DJ strap, did you ever know what he sold them on for in the end up?

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    I did not hear, but rumor was a dealer offered him far less than he had been asking. He probably found something at the show that he could not live without and sold them to buy something else in the heat of the moment. Frusty.

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