1. mkholst

    My Deutsches Jungvolk DJ shoulder straps - Jungbann 129, Jungbann 200 Berlin

    I just want to show you my 2 straps from Ost/Berlin. As far as i know, straps form Berlin are relatively uncommon. Both are in used/very used condition, but I like them. 129 = Lichtenberg-Köpenick 200 = Steglitz-Tempelhof Michael:denmark
  2. F

    Jungbann 31 Altona/Pinneberg shoulder patch.

    Rare one? With Nord Nordsee triangle. Somebody know how big bann 31 was? All heelp is wellcome
  3. F

    DJ Rune Oberbann 3.

    Hey Gent's Need help!! What schulterklappen nr and Jungbann nr can go with this insignia ?:help:
  4. christianlohmann

    Kurier Ausweis Fähnlein "Husaren", Jungbann 37(b) Berlin

    I just saw this nice Ausweis for a courier, which qualified the boy to get the mail of the Fähnlein "Husaren" to the main office of the Jungbann 37(b) Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf in Berlin. It is for sale at pastbuy.net in a lot of HJ related items. I first thought it could be a fake, but changed my...
  5. Kyle B

    DJ Shirt - Jungbann 183 but Sudetenland triangle

    Hi all, So I recently purchased this shirt in a group of other Youth bits. It was originally sold by a dealer online with the achievement badge. Having got the actual shirt in my hands, I can see that it is a genuine shirt. However, one thing is really bugging me and that is the area triangle...
  6. holzwurm_1920

    Jungvolk leader blouse from Jungbann 116 Mannhein with 2 small straps

    Hello, here are some pictures of my new Jungvolk leader blouse. The blouse is not restored. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Best Regards Holzwurm
  7. holzwurm_1920

    My new uniforrms , Fähnleinführer Jungbann 508 and Motor-HJ Bann 105

    Hello, here my new manequins. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Best Regards
  8. Finck

    DJ shoulder strap Jungbann 2/15 Schaumburg-Minden

    Hi guys, my last purchase :
  9. Finck

    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ - relationship between Jungbann and Oberbann

    Hello guys, I have a question for you. I can't find the way to know if a DJ bann belongs to Oberbann1 or 2 or 3 for example. Is there a list or perhaps a map like the one for Hj gebiete ? Thanks in advance :yo:
  10. M

    Bann 32 HJ Bann (and Jungbann) standard bearer sleeve patch

    I would sincerely appreciate any opinions as to the identity and authenticity of this patch. It measures about 3 1/2" high. If real, what is its approximate value? Thanks. Admin Edit: thread title amended.
  11. Bann 171

    Question regarding the dimensions of the Bann and Jungbann flags

    Hi Looking at the both mentioned flag eagles I wounder if they are the same size just different thread color? The DJ eagle seems bigger to me maybe just an optical illusion? I have not seen an regulation speaking of this measurements, is there any? Thanks for any info Regards Dirk
  12. cemifor

    HJ in Flensburg

    Organization of Hitler-Jugend in Flensburg. I have tried to outline the organization of the Hitler-Jugend in Flensburg, as I interpret informations in an article Marchieren, bis auch der letzte Schläfer erwacht ist! - Der Hitler-Jugend in Flensburg 1933 bis 1945, from a book published by the...
  13. wingman15

    Deutsches JUngvolk DJ shirt Jungbann 463

    this three qtr length DJ blouse i picked up recently at a local militaria show,its RZM regulation according to measurements though no RZM tag is present,it has a 3 button front,.all buttons marked RZM HJ/DJ,.district Nord Nordmark,shoulder board jungbann 463,with Sig rune patch & leader lanyard...
  14. Garry

    DJ Jungbann Neukölln (Berlin) fanfare banner

    Not many of these to the pound. Perhaps it survives in a collection somewhere. Would be nice to think so.
  15. Pimpf359

    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ leader shoulder strap Jungbann 707 with 5 rank pips?

    This is my new DJ leader flap. Has seen to 5 stars? I think it is late wartime. The hole for the 6th star is to be seen.
  16. Pimpf359

    New HJ and Deutsches Jungvolk shoulder straps

    Jungbann 162, Jungbann 2/158, Jungbann 74, Jungbann 53. HJ Bann 183, Bann 32. And here is my new boards in the new year. The early Oberbann I find most beautiful. Best Regards
  17. holzwurm_1920

    Jungbann "L" München Fähnleinführer shoulder strap

    Hello, here is a picture of my new Jungvolkführer board from Munich. Hope you enjoy it. Best Regards
  18. frostkrom

    My Hitler Youth Tinnie Collection

    1. Gebietstreffen der Sächs. HJ Plauen i.V. 1923-1933 2. Unterbanntreffen I/B 33 22.7.34 Mkt Berolzheim Jungbann 2/59, 2/91 Jungbann Zeltlager Juli 1934 Hitlerjugend Banntreffen B21 7-8 Juli 1934 BDM Untergautreffen Augsburg-Zusmarshausen 1934 Fahnenweihe Gebiet Ruhr-Niederrhein Düsseldorf 11...
  19. M

    Bann 82

    I need some help determining if HJ membership Urkunde correlates (in terms of location) with Bann number on HJ shirt. The shirt has Gebiet triangle Nord Niedersachsen which does correlate to Bann 82 on the shoulder straps. Shoulder strap button is metal, RZM-marked button with Arabic number "1."...
  20. Pimpf359

    HJ and Jungvolk Shoulder Straps.

    My new Shoulder Straps. Jungbann 273 - Kalenberg ( Hannover-Süd ) HJ Bann 448 - Peine