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    HJ Leader boards

    HI guys,
    This is my new shoulder boards.
    Unfortunately I can not accurately determine these boards. Can you give me a help?

    Best Regards

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    The boards are original for me if that is what you are asking.

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    No, that was not my question.
    In the Stab or in the Bannstab? Or what a leader?

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    The Riechsjugendführer announced the new ranks in an order dated April 14th 1938. This was announced after the Unterbann was changed to a Stamm. The straps are worn by Stamm leadership. These ranks are for the middle ranked cadre of the Bann.

    Source Handbook of the Hitlerjugend by W. Saris page 240-244.

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    The information I shared from Wim's book is much condensed, for the comprehensive and in depth explanation the book should be consulted. It's a pity that these have moth damage but still good originals.

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    Yes the moth damage is a pity but the price was very good for that.

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