1. Garry

    HJ Dienstkarte - Introduction and purpose.

    Just in case anyone wanted to know what these were for here's some info: Introduction: announced 1943. Implementation was planned for March 1943 beginning with newly inducted members. Material: gatefold "Frigga-Leinenkarton" (thin linen cardboard) For: members of the HJ, BDM, DJ and JM...
  2. B-RAD

    HJ higher leader gold belt buckle

    Pick this up at auction
  3. G

    Is this BDM summer rank insignia okay?

    Sorry for my previous blunder. Again, I am not an expert concerning BDM leader patches and need some opinions on this one to avoid making a mistake. The pictures are photos of pictures so they look a little grainier than the originals. Thanks, Garryn
  4. F

    DJ and HJ leader with strange knife

    From 1943.
  5. Joe B

    Jungvolk Leader with super rare sigrune

    Credit: fotobethge
  6. H

    HJ leader summer side cap?

    i do not know anymore from where i got this Picture,it is the only one i have from the cap take a look i have two caps like that with a silver piping added.when it was done i do not know,one from a dealer the other one i have since about 8 years was found by an old man passed away will see if i...
  7. cemifor

    Marine-HJ cap band worn as a sleeve band.

    Photo of a Marine-HJ leader with area triangle, Führerschnur and Marine-HJ Capband "... Seesportschule ..." worn as a sleeve band. Text: Major a.D. Kyriakis und Geff. [Gefolgschaftsführer] Loewer in Prieros [Reichsseesportschule 1 "Gorch Fock"] Juni 1936 Photo: 404 - History Shop (You have...
  8. Northwind

    Press Photo Gorch Fock Sport School

    Hello:yo:, Original US Press Photo from 25.12.1935 showing the reverse as following: Conscripts for expanding German Navy. A new training school for naval conscripts has been inaugurated in Prieros, Germany, by Reich-Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach. The School, known as tehe "Gorch Fock Sport...
  9. Bann 171

    Hj leader jacket offered and have questions

    Hi A museum visitor offered me hj leader jacket for sale. I have not seen it, just he described it. Since I had never one in my hands I got a few questions to be prepared when I go to check it out in about 2 weeks. He described it as follow. Yellow brown sand color,2 shoulder boards with red...
  10. Eliko

    Set of Motor-HJ documents

    Hi everyone Let me show you the set of documents which I picked some time ago belonging to Heinrich Balck, HJ Scharführer in Motor HJ. Gefolgschaft 7, Bann 282 (Hamburg-Ost / Nordmark / Nord). The set includes Balck's HJ Ausweiss, Führerausweis (with great photos of Balck, by the way)...
  11. holzwurm_1920

    Gebiet 27 Südost Wien leader with Kreta cuftitle

    Hello, this fantastic pictures where listed this morning at ebay.de But the price is horrible.:Cry: Regards Holzwurm
  12. holzwurm_1920

    Jungvolk leader blouse from Jungbann 116 Mannhein with 2 small straps

    Hello, here are some pictures of my new Jungvolk leader blouse. The blouse is not restored. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Best Regards Holzwurm
  13. cemifor

    Reichsseesportschule 1 "Gorch Fock"

    Reichsseesportschule 1 "Gorch Fock" at Prieros by Königswusterhausen, south-east of Berlin in Gebiet 2 (Mark Brandenburg). The school was established in 1935. According to regulations from 21.9.1940, the courses for the Seesportprüfung A were only held at the Reichsseesportschulen I, II and IV...
  14. Pimpf359

    HJ Leader boards

    HI guys, This is my new shoulder boards. Unfortunately I can not accurately determine these boards. Can you give me a help? Best Regards
  15. G

    BDM Leader summer rank insignia

    hello Is this a genuine badge for a BDM Leader A summer badge for a Gruppenführerin I think. Thanks Joe
  16. cemifor

    Photo of Marine-HJ leader

    Portrait photo - Marine-HJ leader
  17. A

    Seeking for pictures of the light summer HJ Leader jacket.

    Hello, i'm Seeking for pictures of the light summer HJ Leader jacket; if someone as this item in is collection or know about pictures of such an item. Is their one or 2 different pattern? In the anglia book about HJ, volume 1, page 59 we can see a picture with the jacket with inner lowest...
  18. cemifor

    Same boy - 1939-1944: DJ, DJ leader, Flakhelfer and gliderpilot

    Same boy - 1939-1944: DJ, DJ leader, Flakhelfer and gliderpilot Just received this photogroup. Better scans and info later. DJ - 30 May 1939 DJ leader - 22 August 1943 Flakhelfter - May 1944 Flakhelfter - May 1944 Flakhelfer - Undated Flakhelfer - Undated - Photographer from...
  19. BlackWatch1

    Deutsches Jungvolk Armband and Family Photos

    Hello all. Here is a group of five photos of, I am guessing, a father in the SA, an older son in the HJ and a younger son in the DJ. The first two photos show the oldest son in a HJ uniform and the back is dated 1933. The next photo shows the younger son wearing I would guess is a DJ uniform and...
  20. John Brandon

    BDM Württemberg Kletterjacke with red/black leader lanyard

    I am curious on a couple of things I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have not seen this colour lanyard before, there is a little button sewn onto the top left shoulder presumably for the lanyard. I originally got this ensemble from Ewan sold it and bought it back and intend on keeping it, at...