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    As always rare and nice items Eric. I congratulate you on increasing your collection. Well done my friend.

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    Hello Darin,

    there were many beautiful things for sale this week from Austria !. I am amazed at the auction as prices climbed for some items.

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    The increasing prices are no surprise to me Eric. I must now wait and budget for items, the good old days of 50 euro pairs of straps are long gone!

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    Eric you outbid me at 322 Euro on the npea staff straps .

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    I was not in the hunt for these items at this time so no competition from me. If I had the means I would have bid.

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    This set was offered to me some time ago, but I was not able to buy them.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Helllo Darin,

    thanks for your images. now we have proof that the stars should be silver.

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    NPEA Plön, NPEA Potsdam I, NPEA Köslin, NPEA Naumburg, NPEA Spandau, NPEA Rottweil, NPEA Traiskirchen

    Hello Everybody,

    here's the latest update for my favorite triangles. I wish to thank especially Alois for his indispensable help and his efforts for the triangle "NPEA Naumburg".
    Enclosed an NPEA shoulder strap of the same institution. The color of the strap is crimson/Karmesin/rose foncé.

    Best Regards

    collection triangles NPEA.JPG ensemble de Naumburg2.JPG

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    Bravo Eric ... I need an NPEA triangle to go with my set of straps . If you know of one out there that you dont want , please let me know .

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    Bravo indeed Eric, can you tell me more about the Karmesin shoulder strap please?

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