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    IMO collectors pay these high prices on sites like Ebay and various forums, decide they want something else, and try to sell for even more than they paid. Sales areas on forums are being reduced to part time dealer arenas IMO, I've seen an Oberbann 6 Sigrune post 1933 version listed for 350 Euro recently!
    item pricing. Dealers obviously watch these trends and set prices at least 25% higher, sometimes more. Look at Wietze. Well, at least I have achieved one of my life goals by not paying those type of prices at this time, I can order guacamole on everything without a second thought and say "yes I know it's extra, I don't care".

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    Did not sell at $120 despite being shown here and lasting for a week on Ebay. I think the market is beginning to adjust and collectors are speaking with their wallets. These would have sold easily 6 months ago.

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    also they are not even scarce so actually good to see back up with lower price
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    The problem with the prices of collection items is not a problem ! Collection items (a wonderful pair of HJ-Streifendienst boards or a "like-new" Elvis Presley 33 rpm disc) have only one price : the price you want to pay it. Could you pay a small fortune for a champagne cork ? Yes if you are a champagne cork collector !

    I like the exemple (and I smile, and more, every time I told it) of this film director who has sold the rights to several of his films to buy a painting ... who is white (nothing on it, white). Is he stupid or am I stupid to not understand !?

    Prices must be regulated to whatever is necessary for survival. Everything else, a Luxury Car, a diamant ring or even a kiss (joke !) has no more value than the value you want to give it.

    On the other side, don't forget that the prices of the items you're speaking about are, in fact, the prices of the same objects in your own collections. So, don't be sad : the more the prices are high, the more you're rich. MHO

    Best regards

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