1. Garry

    Names of higher leaders

    In addition to this project that names the Gebietsführer (and equivalent) who were in charge of the various Gebiete from 1933-45 (including the k.-Gebietsführer), I started a new project last year that aims to list those leaders who commanded the respective Banne, Untergaue Jungbanne and...
  2. Bann 171

    Bnn 171 Fähnlein 14 Stamp and picture

    Hi, Found this on ebay a few weeks ago for our list Fähnlein 14 Almenhof Bann 171. Almenhof is a district of Mannheim where the biggest HJ Heim was located. Cheers Dirk
  3. Garry

    Planned replacement for the HJ-Streifendienst cufftitle

    There is an order dated 1.1.1942 telling units not to place any new orders for the SRD CT due to the impending introduction of a special sleeve patch. This was described as being circular (Armscheibe) with the design being a Bann eagle and SS runes. However, an order from the 10th of June...
  4. Garry

    Introduction of Streifendienst shoulder straps

    I was never sure about exactly when the SRD straps were introduced but I came across some info about it. An instruction published on the 15th of December 1942 states that the new SRD straps would be available "shortly". Each Bann was to receive 200 pairs each directly from the RZM in...
  5. Bann 171

    Nice Fähnlein stamp and dedication Bann 171

    Hi got today the book Deutsches Soldatentum and as i opened it it had this nice stamp and dedication in it from my home Bann Mannheim. Well i was happy Cheers Dirk
  6. holzwurm_1920

    Bann 531

    Hello, found this in the www Bann 531 Linz-Stadt Bannschule Regards Holzwurm
  7. Garry

    Early HJ Gefolgschaft flag from Bann 55 Lippe

    Interesting flag for Gefolgschaft 4, Unterbann II, Bann 55 Lippe. A regulation dated 21.3.1935 introduced a new numbering system for youth units with a follow-up order issued a week later stating that the Unterbann number was no longer to be included into the unit number which gives us a nice...
  8. Mike 41

    HJ Bann 274 flag (Bannfahne)

    Here is a link over to WAF where a member found a HJ Bann flag (out of the woodwork). I thought some here might find it interesting. I lifted a picture . ID Help
  9. Joe B

    HJ "Eagle" Trumpet banner .

    I just bought this awesome Hitlerjugend trumpet banner ... It is nice on one side with a couple of holes but a bit moth eaten on the opposite side ... This has got to be one of the nicest trumpet banners I have ever come across . It has a chain stitched scroll but it does not look like it ever...
  10. P

    HJ sport victor's wreath from Bann Untergau 554 Graz-Land

    I have this laurel wreath which is described as a HJ Sports Competition Victor's Wreath, with a note stating they were still being made up to 1941. I cannot find any research on it and cannot find any pictures of HJ sports with anyone wearing anything like it. Anyone have any info on it?
  11. lauri

    HJ Bann B2

    Hello, My new single strap from Bann Oberland/Miesbach :
  12. A

    Blind Hitler Youth HJ Reichsbann B

    Please can I have some information about Bann B the Section of the Hitler Youth for blind people.
  13. F

    Unissued rare last pattern HJ uniform Bann 564 Train school

    Still with original tags. Jacket size 42. All buttons are RZM marked. Maby Hugo Boss? Don't know. Bann 564 was located in Wehrertüchtigungslager der Hitler-Jugend, Gebiet Oberdonau (29) Kammer-Schörfling, Kreis Vöcklabruck it was a famous hitlerjugend military school and train school.
  14. F

    HJ musican pimpf and drum with youth bann eagle insignia variant

    First one for me and now for your eyes. Enjoy :thumbup1:
  15. K

    Bann 738: HJ fanfare banner and Bannführer vehicle pennant (Kraftwagenstander)

    Hello i need some help i don't no if the two flag are good or not thanks for your help
  16. B-RAD

    Bann 663 Marine-HJ shoulder straps and Hordenführer rank patch

    Here are some items I picked up at auction hope they are good. They didn't cost me much so I'm not to worried. Let me know what you think.
  17. Wim Vangossum

    Ernst Hanfstaengl son with the HJ

    Hi everyone, While reading a biografie of Ernst Hanfstaengl I found the following anekdote I want to share: When the Polish campagne broke out, Ernst was already escaped to England and his son Egon was on a passenger ship on the Atlantic ocean escaping direction Canada. Egon realized that he...
  18. Garry

    HJ Bann 824

    Bann 824 is currently unknown but I found a HJ achievement book a while back that shows that the boy was a member of this Bann, specifically of Fähnlein 8/824. The Gebiet is shown in the book as 7 Nordsee and the WEL stamps are also for that Gebiet so it clearly follows that 824 was in Gebiet 7...
  19. wizardelf

    Bann 121 Sieger Gefolgschaft 1941 badge

    Hi folks, It has already been some time that I've posted anything, but I'm glad to be able to show you my latest purchase; Bann 121 Sieger Gefolgschaft 1941 badge. with this one arrived, this brings the total of my collection up to 6 of these badges. Wizardelf :belgium
  20. Paul Ayerst

    Two new sets of HJ shoulder straps - Bann 793 and Bann 945

    just arrived from Lakeside trader bought before listed 793 pr and 945 pr . 793 BARTENSTEIN/FRIEDLAND. 945 REICHSWERKE HERMAN GORING note the 945 pr are surplus or trade for a pr I need