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    SA or HJ ?


    Found on the net (hope the buyer will not be angry that I show the image) !

    As you can see, the young man wears SA tabs and that could be HJ shoulder straps and a HJ lanyard. It's the first time, I see SA and HJ insignias together on the same uniform... and it's the first time I see that could be a "4" or a "Siegrune" like that, on straps.

    Best regards
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    Interesting photo. I don't know SA uniforms very well at all. I wonder if this is from a pre HJ youth organisation possibly.

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    I can tell you that he is not HJ , as the HJ did not wear collartabs except for Reichs Jugend führer Axmann ( HJ pattern) and Von Schirach ( Political pattern)

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    The straps are not SA and (of course) the tabs are not HJ !

    Could that be the first HJ uniform at the time where the non-18 years old boys, because of an order of the SA staff, just began to organize themself within the SA ?

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    For sure a strange mixture! In first days there is sometimes combinations who are not referenced. I would like to know also.
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    Its curious that about the tabs. How Lauri show in my pic he wears collar tabs from SA like his dad.

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    Great photographs guys. I think it a possiblity that that this might be some kind of DJ/SA insignia mix Sonny. I think personally that he is more likely to be an SA man though as I suspect do you. I say that because of all of the early (1920s) HJ photos I've seen, I have yet to see one where a boy/young man identifiable as HJ has the SA collar tabs. The only things which are usually immediately identifiable as 'SA' are the headgear and the SA tie or Selbstbinder as we know. I've attached a nice pic from 1928 actually showing a group of HJ in their SA guise.

    Those certainly do look like huge DJ runes on his shoulderstraps don't they so perhaps there is a link there. The story of the evolution of the HJ uniform from 1926 until 1932 when the HJ emerged from under the control of the SA would be a great thread I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DEBERTEX View Post
    Found on the net (hope the buyer will not be angry that I show the image) !
    Good day Gents,

    I can see my photo has been discussed here. Don't worry Fernand, I'm not angry at all ... it is a big question mark for me as well! A pity, that no one came up with a clue what this boy could have been.

    Any ideas, pls let me know. I own the photo.



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