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    "Second hand" Flackhelfer boards - Flieger-HJ Bann 836 Witten

    today this very interesting boards arrived from germany.
    The boy was a member of the Flieger-HJ in Bann 836 Witten.
    Later in the war he must be ordered as Flakhelfer, so he turned arround his 836 boards and used them there.
    Best Regards

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    this is once more proof that in those days with the limited resources they must have been undergoing as the war progressed one needed to be inventive.
    Genius Idea of the boy to use his boards that way.
    Thx for sharing this with us.

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    Hello Mike,
    yes a genius idea, but I think the idea comes from his mother
    Best Regards

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    A neat set Alois. They are not for all collectors who like "textbook" type items but I enjoy these type of period modified insignia in my collection. Congratulations on the set.

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    Other items

    Thank you Darin,
    here are pictures of the other items which I got from the same boy (without the Ausweis)
    The buckle is beautyful with
    -tag. The armband and the yellow Sigrune are uniform-removed.
    The price was very good.
    Best Regards
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    A nice little group.

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