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    shoulderstrap 491 button question?


    I want to know what button number a shoulderstrap for HJ Bann 491 must have.


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    not to sure but from what I read it was a very small and late bann so IMO only numbers 1-6 would apply but it is only an opinion but hay get a number 1 and you can't be wrong :blush:

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    Yes, as Paul says, this was a relatively late Bann (raised in 1941). . I don't have any Gefolgschaft-level lists for Bann 491 so can't give you a maximum valid number but as with any shoulder strap, if you go for a low button number you can't really go wrong.

    Button numbers only really become a problem if you're putting a uniform together because then you have to take account of the fact that Gefolgschaft numbers related to the Schar number which in turn related to an age-group (Schar 4 was for 14 year old boys, Schar 2 for 15 year old boys etc). With that in mind you'd have to be careful with achievement badges/ranks etc.

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    Thanks for the reply's, I will remember.

    Yes it is for a dj project , winter bluse.

    It's a small shirt, so for a young member.

    Then I use a oberbann 1 rune ?


    Someone know where to find 1 HJ button ?
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    Watch Ebay, they turn up there all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Watch Ebay, they turn up there all the time.
    ok thx, just found some on weitze

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