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    Hitler Youth Feldscher Insignia, early version or fake?

    This one was up at Mil 321. The background material is really course looking, not a "felt" type like I am used to seeing on this type of HJ insignia, and the life rune appears to be in white, not silver cord. No photo of the reverse was posted in the auction. I put in a bid as it was cheap enough to take a chance on but the seller apparently did not want to ship overseas and blocked me from bidding. It sold for 25.50 Euro. What say the members here, an early version made of different material than the standard pattern, not HJ but
    or something similar, or a fake? I've posted a photo of a good one from my collection (pic #2) for comparison.

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    Hello Darin,

    I think this version is not HJ !

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    Maybe an

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    Thanks for your thoughts on this one gentlemen. I think you are correct, not HJ!

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    Hello Darin,
    here is a picture from WRF.
    I seems that your badge is from the
    Best Regards


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    Post 1: the backing looks grey to me;I though for
    this should be in black, isn't?

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    Well whichever branch it is for I think the selling price was pretty fair anyway. Glad I was not able to take a chance on this one as it appears to be something other that HJ for certain.

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    It is not HJ indeed.
    I forgot to mention it is neither early as the liferune sign was for many organizations
    not introduced earlier then 1937. For the
    it was introduced in June 1937 with an
    order F2 b 13708. The oval or square form had then to do with respectively doctor
    or dentist. Chemists did wear the patch as a triangle.
    As we all know the liferune (Lebensrune) came into being for the HJ shoulder-straps
    with orders from September 2, 1938.
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