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    Opinion on Black & White Sigrune Badge

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    Tom, that looks like modern paki quality

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    Thanks Jo, wasn't sure. Just as well it's not mine.

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    I would do the standard tests, ie burn and UV. It looks like it could stand a chance IMO. Not a textbook bevo pattern for sure but as period photos show a variety of Sigrunes were worn before the standardisation of the Oberbann structure came about.

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    Thanks Darin, it is Darin, yes? I will need to get the item in hand to determine the outcome of those tests.
    Item is going for very little, so maybe I'll take the chance.

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    It's Darin yes. Study period images of these and you will see some really oddball looking Sigrunes. The standard tests aren't foolproof and sometimes it's really tough to prove or disprove these, some faith is required sometimes.

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