1. I

    1923_1933 commemorative munchen pin "Und Ihr Habt Doch Gesiegt"

    Hi all, just enquiring if anyone knows what the numbers on the back represent? Have seen loads of these, but none with numbers. Thanks for any information
  2. Garry

    HJ honour badge certificate - illegible..

    Can anyone decipher this person's name and location? I'm stumped.. Rudolf ............ .......... ..........
  3. Garry

    1938 Reichssportwettkampf card badge

    I always wondered what these were actually for but it says in a May 1938 newspaper article that it was the day badge for the competition and that it granted the wearer access to the various event locations. I assume that the 1939 badge that we see around had the same purpose.
  4. S

    Bildband für die Schulung in der Hitler-Jugend

    Hi Iam new here,and google brought me here. I have found a box full of strips like this one Bildband für die Schulung in der HJ - Eupen Malmedy My strips are in the original box named Bildband fuer die schulung der hitlerjugend, And all strips are in the small tube boxes. But its a different...
  5. C

    RZM 15 HJ honour badge possible steal?

    I just saw this B replacement HJ honour badge by RZM 15 on a dealer site listed as a reproduction. They want 65 Euros for it but could it be real? I see here that the number might be too high though (post number 5)? How many makers of the Hitler Youth Golden honour badge were there?
  6. schuere

    Flakhelfer badge

    Is this badge HJ related or is it for a Flakhelferin?
  7. Wim Vangossum

    HJ Honour badge (HJ-Ehrenzeichen) with award certificate

    And then, with an interval of 7 years, a second HJ Ehrenzeichen with Urkunde came my way... :001_smile:
  8. Joe B

    German / Italian youth badge for officials ?

    Can anybody give more feedback on this rare badge . This one is cased unlike the one in Bakers book .
  9. M

    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ membership badge RZM 72

    Hi All, thoughts on this badge please. If it's a bad one, can anyone tell me what's wrong with it for future reference.. many thanks in advance, Mark
  10. M

    HJ potsdam badge

    Hi All, thoughts on this badge please. If it's a bad one, can you tell me why for future reference... many thanks in advance, Mark
  11. P

    HJ White cap

    Hi Another puzzler. I have looked in the usual reference books but found nothing. A lightweight white cap with sewn on HJ badge. To my eyes it is pretty poor quality, but does have an RZM label. A search on the web fond these pictures. It is (nearly) identical to this one, but mine is...
  12. P

    Black Cap with additional badge

    Hi I have a cap with a HJ badge on it which I am not sure about. The material is cotton. The HJ badge is pinned on and there is no RZM label or manufacturers mark. I am unsure what type of cap it is (It could even be civilian with the badge stuck on!) What caught my eye was the badge on the...
  13. P

    HJ jewelry - rings

    Some pictures of some HJ jewelry in my collection. I think some are definitely fake (or at least home-made). The large ring with white enamel and the ring with the oversize HJ badge have that look. The two smaller rings do seem to be better made. It is difficult to photo, but the smaller...
  14. P

    Bull badge

    Hi Found this in a HJ collection but cannot find any references to it, so dont even know if it is HJ. Any clues from anyone? Cheers Peter
  15. schuere

    HJ achievement badge in silver - opinions?

    My silver achievement badge , still very shiny but nice patina, good or bad sign?
  16. schuere

    HJ achievement badge in black - opinions

    Here is my black achievement badge , is a M1/36
  17. P

    Not a HJ Honour badge, so what is it? RZM M3/36

    Hi I have been looking to see what this badge is. It sort of looks like a HJ Honour badge, but in all that I have read in the extensive info and help provided on this site, it is not. One of the obvious difference is that all HJ honour badges (real or fake) have a M1 marking on the rear...
  18. P


    I am assuming HJ because of the centre motiff, Writing around says "ERZBRUDERSCHAFT" and v.HL SEBASTIANUS, with a 25 at the bottom. Manufacturer mark says "E. R. Martin & Sohn Bonn" and GES GESCH. It is well made but I am starting to think it is a genuine badge with a fake HJ badge. It has...
  19. P

    HJ Badge with Bat motif - RZM Wolfschanze

    Anyone any clues about this badge? Typical HJ badge mounted on red shield with a bat motif. Rear mount is a threaded pin. Stamped RZM Wolfschanze (?). Seems well made.
  20. schuere

    HJ achievement badge in bronze - opinions?

    What do you guys think of this bronze badge?