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    Lanyard for HJ Hauptscharführer and DJ Hauptjungzugführer Green/black

    I was asked about this colour combination a couple of times recently so I thought it might be of some use to others to post the info here.

    Green/black is not shown as a possible lanyard colour combination on the 1936, 37, 38 colour plates in the 'Organisationsbuch der
    ' but does appear on a colour plate in a different publication I have dated 1940.

    I first see the green/black lanyard for HJ Hauptscharführer and DJ Hauptjungzugführer in a regulation dated 24.3.1939 which introduced the appointments system whereby leaders wore the lanyard corresponding to the appointment held (an example would be a Scharführer in the appointment of Gefolgschaftsführer who would wear a green/white lanyard instead of the usual green for a Scharführer).

    However, the ranks of
    HJ Hauptscharführer and DJ Hauptjungzugführer were introduced on 11.3.1938 so it would appear that it may have been too late to include the new lanyard into the 1938 Organisationsbuch for that year which would explain why the lanyard is not shown in that particular issue.

    So, green/black was worn by HJ Hauptscharführer and DJ Hauptjungzugführer from 1938.

    Here's the scan from the period book:


    Edit: see post 4 below for additional information

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    Here's a tagged one I have.
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    Are you building the set Kevin? You have quite a few lanyards if I remember correctly.

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    For completeness: in post 1 above I said 1938 and HJ Hauptscharführer/DJ Hauptjungzugführer which was correct but I now have access to the Verordnungsblatt so can give the exact date and can add a little more info on who else wore this lanyard.

    The green/black lanyard was worn by HJ Oberscharführer and DJ Oberjungzugführer until the 1st of June 1938. From then, it was only worn by personnel in the new appointment (not rank) of HJ Hauptscharführer and DJ Hauptjungzugführer. The introduction of these new appointments was announced on 11.3.1938. The HJ Hauptscharführer and DJ Hauptjungzugführer performed certain adminstrative and technical functions in support of their Gefolgschaftsführer/Fähnleinführer. All of the Organisationswarte, Schriftwarte and Geschäftsführer for example were allowed to wear this lanyard.

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