1. F

    NSDAP schreiben für einen Oberleutnant 1939 Ostmark

    For HJ-BDM. Original dokument. Signature and stamp.
  2. John Brandon

    Dealers at it again - NSDAP membership badge RZM Ges Gesch

    It never ceases to amaze me how they get away with it.....im embarrassed to call myself a dealer :angry:
  3. cemifor

    Early (1926) HJ Uniform regulations

    Early - 1926 - HJ uniform regulations. Richtlinien für das Verhältnis zwischen NSDAP und Hitler-Jugend e.V. vom 5. Dezember 1926. ... 15. Die Kleidung der HJ ist das Braunhemd. Es darf nur offen (Schiller) getragen werden und ohne Halstuch (ohne Selbstbinder). Auf Halsaufschlag wird ein...
  4. mkholst

    2 new lanyards for my collection

    Hi guys 2 HJ lanyards (Führerschnur) has just arrived. One for Gefolgschaftsführer to Hauptgefolgschaftsführer and one for Stammführer. I enclose 2 pics of the 2 new lanyards together with the belonging shoulderboards, which I have had for a while...
  5. cemifor

    Dr. Henry Picker - Bannführer, HJ-Oberrichter

    Dr. Henry Picker Picker was born on 6 December1912 in Wilhelmshaven. Member of NSDAP since 1 April1939, member number 322 834. At that time he was student and single. Picker studied law at the University of Kiel. In 1936 PhD on the meaning of punishment in the Third Reich. Since 1935 Picker...
  6. wilhelm saris

    Eagle used on Hitler Youth community buildings (HJ-Heimsymbol)

    At WAF a member (Planet) showed a great symbol, which was used at homes for the HJ (HJ-Heim). It were out thoughts to show it also here at the HJ-forum. Thomas did send me the related photos. I did add an actual official note and a few photographs of the symbol in use. October 22, 1937 this...
  7. B

    Hitler Youth service testimonial (Dienstleistungszeugnis) for Bruno Thieme 19.04.1941

    i have tried Google to translate things for me earlier , but that will never be correct. i think this is for a HJ boy "moving"/furthering his career into the NSDAP?!! sorry, but i do not know to explain this. DIENSTLEISTUNGSZEUGNIS-SERVICES CERTIFICATE? Stig
  8. S

    Opinions on my HJ achievement badges

    Hello New member and newbie collector. I collected a little 10 years ago and i started collecting again 4 months ago with focus on HJ and NSDAP and german ww1 medals and badges. I found this forum today and started to read in the metal insignia sub forum. Found this thread...
  9. wingman15

    1934 NSDAP national youth sports pin (Reichsjugendsportabzeichen)

    1934 NSDAP National youth sports pin (Reichsjugendsportabzeichen Aufschlagnadel),Displays stylized letters RJA with a Hakenkreuz,Makermark(Wernstein jena) any comments much appretiated,. cheers fellas
  10. Joe B

    DJ Jungvolk Fähnlein 12/91 flag and pole

    What my wife does to prove she loves me LOL. My complete DJ Gefolgschaft flag with pole , The pole fittings and the pole topper are all Rzm marked and dated 1940 . The pole is slightly warped but not to bad . This is an original HJ/DJ pole with the bottom end cap . The other pole next to it is...
  11. wingman15

    Bund Deutscher Mädel Booklets

    Sommerlager-und Heimabendmaterial fur die Schulungs und Kulturarbeit des BDM und BDM-Werk Glaube und Schönheit Juni-Juli-August(Sommer 1941) printed in berlin by NSDAP & (blue book) BDM Booklet,think it says "Ursel und ihre Mädel" by E Muller
  12. Werwolf

    NSDAP Membership Numbers Information

    Hi all, i know it's a long shot, but does anyone have any ideas about how to find out the name of the recipient of a Golden Party badge that i have in my collection by using the membership number on the reverse?. I vaguely remember someone else asking a similar question on another forum quite a...
  13. Y


    NSDAP GORGET for your review no chain. youthman
  14. holzwurm_1920

    "Le NSDAP" from Francis Catella

    Hello, here are some pictures from my new book. There are some HJ pictures from the "Organisationsbuch"and bannlists in it. I think the bannlists are from 1941, because Bann 491 Wien-Ottakring is listed. There are also many other pictures from other organsitaions in it. Best Regards Alois
  15. J

    Landessieger 1940 Auslandsorganisation NSDAP

    Just wondering if anyone had any new info on the 1940 Landessieger A.O badge that was in a 2008 issue of the IMM. It said then that "research was not yet completed."
  16. J

    Mystery hj armband vet bring back

    This armband was brought back by my grandfather after ww2. After the war he guarded a pow camp where a german gave him this. It appears to be a normal Nsdap nazi armband, but the rzm tag is unlike anything I have ever seen. There is an hj diamond on the rzm tag. I have no idea what this is. I...
  17. H

    Hitler Youth silk funeral sash

    here is a neat item i came across a short while back, i have owned a version for a nsdap member before and they are made in all silk material,seen also an original in hand for a vets org i would put these hj ones in the rare category myself something i do not do often as its a much MUCH over...
  18. Joe B

    Is this sidecap NPEA or WE-Lager?

    I bought this cap from The Ruptured Duck . I know that this cap was issued to the German pre-military training camps (WE-lager)but not sure if the NPEA wore it. It was listed as an NPEA cap . Here is their description : As you can clearly tell , their was once a pin atached to the cap below...
  19. Northwind

    Hitler Youth visor waterproof (HJ-Mütze, wasserfest)

    Hallo, I'm new on the forum. I'd like to show my HJ visor and ask some questions. The visor has been with the family for 80 years but despite that, it has been stated that it is a copy. A visor of this "type" has apparently not been seen before. The label under the sweat band says the...
  20. Joe B


    Does anyone have information on this organization which originated before the NSDAP , during and afterwards ? Im wandering if the Turnerbund had some sort of oversight or control over the HJ/BDM , DRL and NSRL when it came to the Gau , Kreis and Reichs sports competitions .