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    Authentication: Deutsches Jungvolk DJ member's badge

    I have a Deutsches Jungvolk DJ members badge that has been authenticated by our forum.

    But I have general questions after seeing another badge on a dealer's site.

    (On the sellers badge)The color of the swastika is more of a gold color than mine, the rune is much thinner, and the general appearance is different.

    Did these membership badges vary through the years before the DJ was disbanded?

    Here are some pics from the sellers site. What do you think as for authenticity?


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    On p126 of his book "The Party Badge", Jo Rivett shows an example of an early transitional badge with
    and the maker's initials so as far as the markings on this DJ badge are concerned there is a precedent. I haven't seen that type of crimped pin before but I would say that the badge is okay. Hopefully Jo and others will give their opinions too.

    This is the Type 2 DJ membership badge (the Type 1 had "
    " on the obverse) and it went out of use on uniforms after the introduction of the HJ Honour badge in 1934. After that the DJ badge was only permitted for wear on civilian clothing.

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    A bit late to the party but rather late than never hey

    Yes, the 1st pattern had the abbreviation for Volks on it as well, (pictured below)
    I have no problem with the badge you show, i have seen it before on a US site, i think Wittman or Shea? Around 125 or something like that if memory serves.
    Anyway in the book Garry mentioned i also showed two
    Membership badges from a similar ear, one with the
    logo and P.M (for Paul Meybauer) and then the identical badge with the
    logo and the code 21 (for Paul Meybauer). During the first markings-period, late 1933-mid-1934 you will find the
    logo combined with either the makers name, trademark, initials or transitional
    -number, as you do with the one you posted. The mark i have seen before as well, just cant think off-hand what it is.

    Here is another from the same era (hence no V on it) but without the
    logo, only a makers trademark L-W (Possibly representing Lehmann und Wunderberg) and the abbreviation GES.GESCH.

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