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    Deutsches Jungvolk marked 72 with buttonhole fitting

    Hello All,
    I bought this badge today as I thought it was unusual having the button hole fitting.

    Any opinions about it would be appreciated.

    All the best

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    I have never seen this kind of fitting on any German insignia.
    On the other hand I have seen it on hundred of British items.

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    A buttonhole version of the type 2 DJ membership badge is said to have existed during the period but I haven't seen any actual evidence for that. Jo Rivett is very knowledgeable with organisational badges so he may well be able to help further when he sees your thread.

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    Jo Rivett said this about the badge in post 1 when it was shown on a different forum: "Sorry, looks like the typical RZM 72 fake here. There are genuine ones, but there are fakes too, and this is, inho, 100% one of them".

    I also have not seen evidence that this button version of the DJ membership badge exists in the TR times but I am happy to see otherwise if some evidence exist?

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    Thank you All for your prompt responses.
    I haven't had much time to research the badge as I only bought it yesterday but I take all your comments on board.
    The badge does not carry the RZM mark only the 72 stamped below tha buttonhole mount.
    When I picked it up I had a feeling that it was in fact a good badge.
    I will trawl through the Party badges that I have and see if I have one made by the same maker and how the buttonhole mount is applied.

    I know that the buttonhole mount on DJ badges would be a rarity as I can't imagine many youngsters with lapels and buttonholes to put it through.

    Many thanks

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    Hello All,
    once again thank you for the input.
    The badge does indeed have the RZM mark!
    It looks as though this is the reproduction badge mentioned by Jo Rivet so thank you all again.

    Looks like I am on a steep learning curve here.
    Thanks for your expertise and advice


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