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    I also have questions about our old friend Otto. After years of believing that Otto indicates a fake, I now understand that he is legitimate. What light can you shed on this confusing situation?
    Hi & welcome. There is no confusing situation at all really. Until a year or so ago all that you would read on forums is: Otto Hoffmann is a fantasy name = Fake.
    This is not quite true though, and it is now a known fact that there was a C L O T H manufacturer by this name.
    Thats all though, to date still no connection at all, between this maker and metal badges of any kind.

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    Thanks for the welcome and the information.

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    Only for comparation: Here is my Otto Hoffman badge, it was purchased in London by a friend in late 70s. Some years ago he gave it to me without know if it was good or a reproduction.

    Hitler Jugend Pin Enameled Version - 03a (Reproduction - Otto Hoffmann).jpg

    Hitler Jugend Pin Enameled Version - 03b (Reproduction - Otto Hoffmann).jpg

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    Detlev Niemann .. AKA Carsten Baldes, keeping the trade in fake HJ badges alive !


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    Jamie Cross .. AKA Cross Jamie .. keeping the trade in fake HJ badges alive. link

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    I haven't gone through the thread checking prices but this Hoffmann must be close to a record:

    HJ Abzeichen Auslandsorganisation Luxemburg Y129 Auction No.: 0006477916 (Mil321 Seller: Nordwind). As usual, fantastic detail in those far off, blurry pics... 385 Euros!!

    5267083.jpg 5267084.jpg

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