1. J

    HJ Membership Badges Marked Otto Hoffmann

    After years of talking about these badges, multiple threads and comments from many members and hours upon hours of research, the truth is rather simple. This thread has been pinned for easy reference. 1. The first manufacturer responsible for making the new shaped Hitler Youth Membership...
  2. wingman15

    Opinion needed on two Hoffmann HJ Membership pins and a HJ honour badge M1/70

    hi lads just need an opinion on these membership pins,possible purchase'.any comments much appretiated,i think they are ok but i need a second opinion.:aussie cheers, silas
  3. P

    Fake Hitler Youth membership badges by Otto Hoffmann

    Hi guys .I hope to find you all well. Today i was at a militaria fair in the UK today. I ws having a good old fashion good root about and i found 4 HJ diomands. 1 was a lovley m1/137 that i will post soon.The others were by our old friend Otto Hoffman 3 of the buggers . I was told they are all...
  4. J

    How many makers of the diamond-shape Hitler Youth membership badge were there?

    List last updated: 25th of Nov 2023 This is the running list of HJ membership badge makers. As new confirmed makers come in they will be added to this thread. Note: to be included into this list the maker must be shown in a primary source and/or the badge must be fully discussed. Without...
  5. cemifor

    HJ photos from album "Adolf Hitler ..."

    HJ photos from Sammelbilderalbum (Trading card album) "Adolf Hitler - Bilder aus dem leben des Führers" (Pictures from the life of the Führer). This album was published in 1936 in at least 2.400.000 copies, by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Alton-Bahrenfeld. Photos was selected by Hitlers personal...
  6. cemifor

    Baldur von Schirach biography, 1907-1974

    Translation of this page: Baldur von Schirach, NS-Politiker Biographie: Baldur von Schirach, 1907-1974 Baldur von Schirach, NS politician, 1907-1974 1907 9th May: Baldur von Schirach was born as the son of Rittmeister and theater director Karl von Schirach and his American wife Emma in...
  7. J

    Hoffmann Nr. 191

    Never saw this postcard before. Did not sell at 180 Euros, about $ 250.oo US.
  8. cemifor

    German youth organisations in Denmark

    Wandervogel Recently I found some old bank account books (German: Contobuch) from Tondern Bank. One of the account books was issued to the German "Verein Wandervogel" in Tønder (German: Tondern). The Wandervogel in Tønder was a part of the Deutscher Jugendverband Nordschleswig (German Youth...
  9. Garry

    Did Otto Hoffmann make Hitler Youth membership badges after all?

    It is common knowledge among HJ collectors that any HJ membership badges marked 'Otto Hoffmann' are questionable at the very best. Most of us I think view them as outright copies - particularly the multi-coloured 'sweetshop' type; an example of which can be found here. The reason usually given...
  10. S

    Fake Hitler Youth membership badge - Collectors Guild should know better

    cant believe someone with the experiance of the collectors guild has a hj members badge just arrived on their site by otto hoffmann, surely they are aware of these fakes :sad: stu Admin Edit: picture added
  11. Garry

    Early Bund deutscher Mädel uniform

    Here's a nice Hoffmann shot taken at the Potsdam rally in October 1932 showing BDM girls in the early uniform. It was not particularly well-liked and the girls were happy to see the back of it as mentioned here...
  12. cemifor

    Early DJ - BDM group photo - interesting details

    Here's an interesting DJ - BDM group photo. Photographer: Photo Hoffmann, Völklingen-Saar (1934?) Note all the different uniforms, caps and other details.
  13. H

    3 new HJ membership badges: Otto Hoffmann, M1/52 and No 34

    Some weeks ago I dreamed about getting some more. Here are - an early Otto Hoffmann - M1/52 - No. 34 ??? What's about this badge?
  14. S

    Jamie Cross fakes

    On Jamie Cross website, on the weekly update he advertising a HJ membership badge stamped Otto Hoffmann. Am I right in thinking these are all fakes? I am sure that I have read about these before on the Forum? steiner