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    Fake HJ membership badge BM/122 with CoA

    We were talking about these on the fake thread a while back.. here is a modern BM M/122 with a cerrtificate of authenticity


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    Should call himself Steffen Manky... Is it possible to report sellers on Mil321 Jo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Is it possible to report sellers on Mil321 Jo?
    Not worth it.
    Will PM the rest at some stage. I was a MOD there many years ago,. and was booted for trying to expose a scam - on their very platform
    Just look at their top sponsors/sellers. Nordwind and Germania Teutonia.
    I have tried to help in the past by informing sellers that an item they are offering is bad, but 100% of the time the only reaction from them is to block me.

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    Yes, it's much like Ebay. Sellers peddling junk will never acknowledge messages or outing of fake crap. They just ignore.

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