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    Bdm achievement badge info

    Hi guys who knows about these things,Not sure about anything.Here we have a BDM badge is it the full ticket? Your views would be great

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    It looks fine Pete. This is the bronze level BDM achievement badge (there was also a silver level). There is lots of good info on the forum about these badges and a Wiki page for the BDM badges will be up very soon in order to put everything in one place (the Jungmädel badge is already up here)

    Edit: BDM badge wiki page is up too now:

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    Once again Sir i thank you ,have seen a place where a few HJ items have been forgeten about for a while ,barter time me thinks.Thanks mate.

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    Would you bloody believe it.That has been sat there since the sodding start of time, and as soon as i call him up its gone.
    This is happening a lot to me latley,i think i have a stalker.

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    Just a suggestion.
    Next time - ask him to put in on hold.
    Then check here, with the people who do know.
    Then return and tell him whether you buy or don't buy.
    Otherwise this might happen again and again.
    Just my thought.

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    Yes your point is valid,but only with dealers that will wait while you put it on a forum and then get back to them.
    Other dealers cant be bothered and just want paying when you say i will have that.
    regards Pete

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    what I think has happened is the insignia was actually sold many months ago and here we have another dealer that leaves stuff up for decades just to look good and well stocked, many of this type out there

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