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    Is this a good Gold Deutsches Jungvolk Achievement Badge?

    Hi - I just got this at a local flea market the other day. What do you think of it? I wonder about the damage to the back. It almost looks like the Swastika was a separate part, soldered in. What else could this damage be? The front looks ok, so it is puzzling. Another thing. Isn't the "DJ" supposed to be at the bottom? If you wear it that way, the pin is upside down. Thanks.

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    I have looked at all the DJ badges you have posted, and ALL of them have either a serial # and/or a
    mark. Mine has neither. Does that mean it is a fake, or is it a late war pin? Also, I have yet to see an attaching device the same as mine - albeit upside down? There are some letters stamped in the area where the damage is. There is either an R or a B, and another letter I just can't read. The paint interferes with seeing it.

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    never seen a gold one before lol, its bad im afraid,

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    Could it be Bronze? If it were Bronze, do you think it is still bad? I don't know why anyone would repro something that never existed. that makes about as much sense as putting a Mother's medal ribbon on a Knight's Cross.

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    I dont like it either , I would put this pin in the fantasy category.

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    A definite fake. As you have noticed: it has no
    mark and no serial number (or a 'B'). Additionally:

    The colour is wrong
    the metal is wrong
    the catch is wrong (and it's attached the wrong way around)
    it should have cut-outs

    It's completely wrong.

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