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    "DMB-Freiwilliger Mädeleinsatz Kroatien"- Deutscher Mädelbund

    Good day. Can I have information on these kicked badges? Sport badge does not have any markings. I am an amateur in these matters. Something I found out and I was piloted on your forum.
    Sorry for my English.



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    Hi Franta,

    I haven't seen either of them before but the first one looks to be a
    (Deutscher Mädelbund) tinnie.

    It has "
    -Freiwilliger Mädeleinsatz Kroatien
    " around the edge and was made in Osiek (Esseg) which is of course in Croatia. Seems clear to me that this is a tinnie made for
    girls who volunteered for this (agricultural?) event.
    and Deutsche Jugend items don't come up that often so it's great to see.

    I can't help at all with the second badge. The Odal rune may point to an agricultural connection but as you say, the badge itself has the appearance of a sports badge.

    Edit: added "Mädel" after seeing the better pic in post #5

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    Hi Garry
    Sorry, I thank you for your answer first.
    Thank you for your reply and your efforts.

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    Franta ... for your first contribution to this forum , you totally scored a goal .. Thank you for this really great posting and welcome to our forum .
    The Badge with the Odal rune at the bottom looks to be (if original) a version of the
    sports badge .
    I have never incountered this one before . It looks to be ground dug .Can you give us information on where you found these badges .
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    Good evening (for us in the evening).DSC_2289.JPG
    You are right, the badge was lying in the ground. I found many different species in one place twenty. These sports badges there were two. Then he probably eight round performance badges. I attach a photo.
    Other badges are unfortunately very damaged.
    I assume that they come from Croatia, and I found in Czech Republic - Liberec city.

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