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    Banntreffen B33 Gunzenhausen 1934 - Same Tinnie, Different City

    Hi all,

    I bought a couple of days ago a Tinnie. I saw another Tinnie like that one I bought here in the Forum and I knew that Railhouse was behind that Tinnie. And yes, Tomas owed a lovely Lichtenau Tinnie, which you will be able to admire here:

    new Hitler Youth tinnies

    My surprise was that, well it was exactly the same Tinnie and design, but the location was different, also the event. But the places where the events took places are just 30 Kilometres away.

    So I bought a lovely Gunzenhausen Tinnie. This commemorates the meeting for the Bann B33, Weißenburg on the 12th and 13th of May.

    The one from Railhause commemorates the meeting for the Bann B19, Ansbach in the city (or village) of Lichtenau (Feuchtwagen).

    The question is, how many other events used this type of Tinnie? I am sure that we will be seeing more Tinnies from the Franken area with the same design, or even 80 Kilometres in around this area.

    You see attached both of the Tinnies (mine is on the right)

    Please, if you see any of them anywhere with other names, PLEASE let me know!!

    Thanks in advance.



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    and i have one more from bann 251 gelsenkirchen-buer

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    Well spotted.
    I wonder how many there are...
    Thank you for sharing that information.

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