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    Hessen Nassau 1934 + Document.

    Hi all,

    Allow me please to show you my most recent acquisition.

    It is a (common) Tinnie from the Gebiet 13, Hessen Nassau for the Aufmarsch from the 1st and 2nd September, the so called, Tag der Hunderttausend, the day of the 100.000.

    As you may know, there are 2 types of Tinnies from this event, one in Gold and the one shown below. Please note that those buildings are the "Der Römer" from Frankfurt a.M., the old Townhall.

    Also, you can see, it is matched with a lovely document (also seen a few times in the Forum) from the same event. The number is the 19238 and belonged to a boy called Alfred Klein, who lived in Hintergasse 103 in Altdorf, part of the Bann B18, Ostpfalz.

    Please note something interesting, the Tinnie in the ID is NOT the same as the "real" Tinnie.... find the diference(s).

    Als, I am showing a picture of my other documents or permission to carry a Tinnie, or Event Insignia or Tagungsabzeichen. It is a pity only the 1935 and 36 ones belonged to the same kid. But the 1934 belongs to somebody in the forum



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    Very nice Antonio. I see the difference in the date.

    I've been on the market place in front of the Römer a couple of times. The building looks great close up but as you'll know, it's not as old as it appears ;)

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