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    HJ Hochland Badge 1934

    HJ Hochland Badge 1934
    I need your help in figuring out if this badge is original. I have seen only a few of them and most of these that are in existence are in collections. These donít come up for sale that often and not much reference is available also. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. In advance Thank you so much for your help, feedback and input. JME

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    This looks like the one Mike was referring to the other day

    Hochland Lager 1934 badge

    A great looking badge, I hope someone can comment on its authenticity

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    Hi looks ok try too find the table medal also regards tomas

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    Certainly genuine. I have an example of the table medal for sale as it happens.

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    There are two versions of this badge, same date different designs

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    I know the table medals exist BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THE ENAMELLED TINNIES do IMO. The Hochkand fakes come out of Austria and have a basis for the design. One thing I do not like about the version shown is the rough DESCHLER logo be careful on these guys.

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    I think i have about 20 different tinnies that are related to competition events and they are participant tinnies and i have 4 table medals that are related to 4 of them (and i have no problems with tinnies that i only have seen 2-5 times for sale in last 10 years) regards tomas ps and i think i have some divident doc with the hochland tinnie some where i will try to find it

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    the more info the better but one must remember these enamelled HOCKLAND tinnies started showing up in quantity last two years IN FACT LAST YEAR MANIONS sold a dealer lot of these enameled tinnies and they where fake.Also we are talking about enameled HOCLAND event tinnies
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    The Hochland tinnie/badge with the mountains at the top and the poor quality green enamel (Berger marked) is common / easy to find. A definite fake.

    IMHO, the round one we are discussing presently is not commonplace. As I said, personally, I feel it is genuine. Of course, I could be mistaken but presently were one to appear at the right price, I would buy it.

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    yes if priced right and a good maker stamp would have a go just for a good close look. I might add the pin fixture is period looking on this one

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