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    New bunch of Hitler Youth tinnies

    JUST IN a new bunch from two dealers. My tinnie collection is really nice now and like others different ones are getting hard to find.

    Hitler-Jugend Elbmündung Sportfest Juni 1939
    Sonnenwende 1934
    Hitler-Jugend-Treffen des Bannes B5 in Bamberg
    Reichsjugendwettkämpfe Siegernadel 1943
    1. Franken-Ostmark Treffen Nürnberg 1933
    Bannaufmarsch 9-10 Juni 1934 Burg

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    BRILLIANT, just excellent!! The burg one is one of my favourites!!

    Congratulations Paul, great catch!!



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    ANTONIO thanks. Do you need the 1933 franken treffen one ?

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    Hi Paul,

    THANKS, I already have the Nurnberg one.

    Dont worry and PLEASE, make another picture of your updated Tinnie collection, Im sure you have already over 100!!



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    already done down on the collections forum

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    The Bamberg is one I have always admired. But that one with the sunwheel swaz is mighty nice too.

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    Nice ones- The Elbmündung is really hard to find

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