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    That's interesting Garry!

    I only wonder how they would applied that serialnumber in an already enameled badge?. Maybe the had to be officially order for a new one? And manufactures received lists with new serial numbers they had to apply on unfinished planchets? They did more extra work in those times as you can imagine in today's live! Himmlers mother repaired his underwear. Those were different times.

    Regards, Wim :)

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    :) The numbers on these badges certainly do appear to be impressed so as you say, replacement badges must have been made to order from scratch.

    It took around 8 weeks for the replacement badge to arrive so that may be a very good indication that the provisioning of a replacement was more complicated than simply grabbing a 'B' badge out of a box in the factory.

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    It makes it also logical that Wilhelm Deumer appeared late into the production. They made "B" types together with the highest serial numbered pieces

    Interesting that you have found out that it took 8 weeks to get a new badge.

    Regards, Wim :)

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    8 weeks that must certainly attest to the quality and care in manufacture and issue


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