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    HJ Goldenes Ehrenzeichen RZM BM1/122

    First of let me intorduce myself, my names Bruce im a noob to the forum!
    Got this( one on left) from an older woman at a tag sale. Tried to do some research but could find alot in order for comparison..anyone know if its real or have one to compare to..also heard they are highly faked..also a possible value, also have an unissued HJ armband..but its kind of doesnt glow anywhere except for the thread that holds the insignia.. but only the part of the thread on the inside of the armband..once the same thread goes through the armband to the outside it doesnt glow..weird..any clue

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    Welcome to the forum. I've seen similar armbands as you describe, they are most likely good. Pics would help. The golden honour badges are heavilly faked as you mentioned. There are others here with a lot more knowledge than I have on those, so I'll leave the comments about the badges up to them.

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    hi bruce
    welcome to the forum, unfortunetly the honour badge with oakleeves is a common fake

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    so it never existed or just this one is fake

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    they definetly existed, but this is a fake ,check this thread out for some real ones

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    ahh i see..what a difference in pattern and detail in the oak leaves..good thing it was least now it can be used as a reference

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    Well, if it's not legit use it as a filler until a good one comes along. If Stu says it's a repro I'd go with his opinion. Legitimate examples of this badge are pricey and rare.

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    Is the wreath really that wide on a real one. Never seen it side by side with a regular one and it looks massive.

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    hi pat
    check the thread i linked in post #5 it shows some real ones

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