1. Garry

    New BDM uniform 1944

    There is an entry in a Gebietsbefehl (Pommern) from March 1944 setting out the distribution plan for the "new BDM uniform" of blue jacket, blue skirt and grey shirt which had recently become available in RZM outlets. It states that leaders and experienced girls should be given first dibs. Does...
  2. Garry

    Marine-HJ shoulder strap anchors

    Wim covered these in his book obviously and he mentioned that although strictly forbidden, the anchor was still in use in some places into the war years. I came across an order from 1941 which I thought might be interesting as it shows that these anchors weren't just being added locally to the...
  3. Garry

    Introduction of Streifendienst shoulder straps

    I was never sure about exactly when the SRD straps were introduced but I came across some info about it. An instruction published on the 15th of December 1942 states that the new SRD straps would be available "shortly". Each Bann was to receive 200 pairs each directly from the RZM in...
  4. C

    RZM 15 HJ honour badge possible steal?

    I just saw this B replacement HJ honour badge by RZM 15 on a dealer site listed as a reproduction. They want 65 Euros for it but could it be real? I see here that the number might be too high though (post number 5)? How many makers of the Hitler Youth Golden honour badge were there?
  5. M

    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ membership badge RZM 72

    Hi All, thoughts on this badge please. If it's a bad one, can anyone tell me what's wrong with it for future reference.. many thanks in advance, Mark
  6. B

    HJ replica?

    The diamond looks legit, aside from no movement and it follows the pattern of the backelite grip. Has “Buffalo brand, Solingen” on the ricaso. The one symbol on the dubious leather case looks to have been an RZM circle. Anybody seen these before? Any insight to where it was made and around...
  7. P

    HJ White cap

    Hi Another puzzler. I have looked in the usual reference books but found nothing. A lightweight white cap with sewn on HJ badge. To my eyes it is pretty poor quality, but does have an RZM label. A search on the web fond these pictures. It is (nearly) identical to this one, but mine is...
  8. P

    Black Cap with additional badge

    Hi I have a cap with a HJ badge on it which I am not sure about. The material is cotton. The HJ badge is pinned on and there is no RZM label or manufacturers mark. I am unsure what type of cap it is (It could even be civilian with the badge stuck on!) What caught my eye was the badge on the...
  9. P

    HJ Visor Cap with gold piping - opinions please

    Hi This is the latest cap I cannot find anything about. It is the gold piping and chinstrap that has me puzzled. I can find descriptions in various books of uniforms about silver piping and chinstrap, but none of gold. The cap itself appears to be of v.good quality with cushioning for the...
  10. P

    Fake 'HJ Luftwaffe' visor cap

    Hi I have pulled this one out of the collection as being v. suspicious. It has the feel of being a well made cap with sign of wear in the right places. However in my research of HJ uniforms I cannot find this colour cap mentioned. The RZM label is (ahem) stapled on. I have seen a...
  11. P

    HJ shoulder boards - AHS Stammführer, Bannführer and Obergefolgschaftsführer

    After an opinion about these. They are a selection of some of the ranking boards in a collection. I am really new at this game having inherited a collection so am slowly working my way through it (counted 75 singles/pair so far!). I am concerned if they are real because of the warning about...
  12. A

    HJ knife RZM M7/2 opinions please

    Hello, I just bought this HJ knife for 350 Euros , i would like some opinions on the dagger and if the price was good, Best Regards Tobias
  13. M

    HJ knife RZM M7/13 and axe for opinions

    This first item is from a friend's collection. Most of his items have good provenance, but this one is difficult. The inlay is pristine, but the blade is well-scuffed and the fittings are rather dark. This second item is not directly HJ, and is post-War, but I'm told there are...
  14. P

    Not a HJ Honour badge, so what is it? RZM M3/36

    Hi I have been looking to see what this badge is. It sort of looks like a HJ Honour badge, but in all that I have read in the extensive info and help provided on this site, it is not. One of the obvious difference is that all HJ honour badges (real or fake) have a M1 marking on the rear...
  15. P

    HJ Badge with Bat motif - RZM Wolfschanze

    Anyone any clues about this badge? Typical HJ badge mounted on red shield with a bat motif. Rear mount is a threaded pin. Stamped RZM Wolfschanze (?). Seems well made.
  16. John Brandon


    WOW...........This is either an ultra rare version (Which it isn't) or an outright fake (which it is) Description of the proficiency badge.......The reverse is stamped with the individual serial number 558. It is also RZM stamped followed by M1/15, indicating production by Ferdinand Hoffstätter...
  17. F

    Hitler Youth scarf with label and variant RZM label and unissued big size.

    What's your opinion on this label? So hard to find one with label. :001_cool::help:
  18. F

    Unissued rare last pattern HJ uniform Bann 564 Train school

    Still with original tags. Jacket size 42. All buttons are RZM marked. Maby Hugo Boss? Don't know. Bann 564 was located in Wehrertüchtigungslager der Hitler-Jugend, Gebiet Oberdonau (29) Kammer-Schörfling, Kreis Vöcklabruck it was a famous hitlerjugend military school and train school.
  19. lauri


    Hello, A small dimensions dispatch case, RZM marked L2/600/41.
  20. J

    HJ Membership Badges Marked Otto Hoffmann

    After years of talking about these badges, multiple threads and comments from many members and hours upon hours of research, the truth is rather simple. This thread has been pinned for easy reference. 1. The first manufacturer responsible for making the new shaped Hitler Youth Membership...