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    That badge looks as rough as hell. I know that the
    15 badges are legitimate but when I saw this one I instantly thought "modern copy trying to look old and beat up"...

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    Does look rough. Cant really say anything because it`s had its head kicked in, so whatever you could come up with that doesn't look right, or looks right, could be chalked up to the beating it took - or not.

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    Where do you find all these hair scratching HJ honour's Jo. Never seen this before. But I can hardly believe it is a fake.

    Regards, Wim

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    Wim, it`s here >> LINK <<
    Yes, i dont believe it is a fake either, i just dont see how it could be. Remember the Deumer i have marked B and with a number, that you also almost never see, so maybe this
    -15-B is one like that.. only for a very short time stamped with the B-prefix.
    Of course if it was area of interest, i would buy it right away just to have it and inspect it, but it is not.

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    Oh, no Garry. . . this beauty is absolutely genuine. Thanks Jo, for finding one.
    M1/15 is one of my favourite HJ badge makers. I have never seen one like this before either.


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    Mine was more a comment on the badge's appearance than its authenticity :)

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    Indeed Garry. Such a shame the condition is as poor as it is. Sorry for misreading your thoughts. If the picture's tone is accurate, the red enamel appears more amber. Nonetheless quite an intriguing find, eh? Attached is another example for comparision.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo Rivett View Post
    First replacement badge marked 15 i have seen.
    Found another one Jo. Seller describes it as a modern copy. Very blurred detail on the
    and serial number and different dot pattern in comparison to the
    15s posted by yourself and Dan.

    Attachment 51294

    He also has one of the controversial Deumer badges:


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