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    Who wore my HJ Honour badge? ( HJ Ehrenzeichen)

    It is very often the case that the honour badge has become separated from the award document leaving it virtually impossible to establish whose badge you have. There are no complete lists of HJ Honour badge (HJ-Ehrenzeichen) awardees so we have to rely on surviving documents.

    Lets use our combined resources to build up a list of honour badge holders. It's a mammoth task of course and one that will never be completed but if you have in your collections, or have seen, any original sources which put a name to a badge please add them here and let's see how we get on.


    (last update 26th of April 2017)

    List so far: (certificates are shown in separate posts below where available):

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    A further list of 52 badges showing the serial number and name of wearer can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below:
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    29801 Elisabeth Jautzen from BDM-Untergau 184 Kiel. (member since 1.5.1932)


    55282 Liselotte Meister from BDM-Untergau 256 Northeim (member since 1.2.1933)


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    Another one:

    Heinz Priehäußer from Munich. Member of the HJ since 1931.
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    Adolf Eberle from Augsburg. HJ member since 1932.
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    Does anyone have this badge? Has it ever been offered for sale?

    Walter Fritz Krüger ('Kamerad Krüger' - ex LAH and 12.
    ). Joined the HJ in Hamburg in 1930.
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    I'll put this one in as an unconfirmed sighting pending a look at the certificate:


    Awarded to Josef Breitenberger (1916 - 1945) missing in action 29.4.1945.
    -Oberjunker in 1 platoon, 8./38.
    -Grenadier-Division 'Nibelungen'. Joined the HJ in 1931.

    Certificate is visible to paying members in the lot-tissimo archive (I'm not one of them):

    -Oberjunker Josef Breitenberger - Ehrenzeichen vom 8./9. November 1923 in Etui und mit Besitz-Urku

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    Elfriede Wolk from Berlin; member since 1933.

    Admin edit: thanks for the addition P
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    Oskar Schwalbe - 46,468
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    Many thanks Toby. Excellent reference

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    Awarded to Joachim Wollenhaupt from Berlin. Member since 1932.

    Note: this certificate has Axmann's facsimile signature. This will need to be explained.
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