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    Concerns with grip on a HJ knife M7/112

    Hi Guys
    A bit of help please.
    I got this HJ in, all seems good apart from the handle, which has been split, and glued. Could the diamond be fake? I have not got a warm fuzzy feeling. Although the knife itself is fine, my concerns lie with the handle

    A "no motto" M7/112


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    Hi John, I don't recall seeing a diamond like this in an HJ knife before, but that doesn't mean much, I haven't seen everything!

    It looks like there may be glue around the diamond as well, but a little hard to tell in these pics.

    So if the top plate was completely split in two pieces, it would still be difficult to replace a diamond, because, if the rivets were still tight, you would not be able to insert the prongs of the new diamond and secure them correctly. The rivets look ok to me, I don't see any damage around the heads on the plate.

    So, the plate has been glued to fix the cracks. Do you think the diamond is glued in as well?

    Looking at where the plate is cracked, you could possibly surmise that the 'original' diamond was also damaged, and needed replacing. So, I'd say the diamond is a replacement, most likely glued in but I'm not entirely sure if it is a fake or a different version of an original, being less 'pimpled' under the enamel. But, I'm inclined to think it is possibly original, based on some other characteristics, but definitely unusual. If you're not happy with it, you should pass.

    Hopefully, some of the other guys might offer their thoughts on this as well.


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