1. Z

    Fake or real HJ dagger M7/49

    Dear All, i got this HJ knife but i dont know if its real or fake could you plese help me? thanks
  2. W

    Original HJ knife?

    Hi there, Is this an original one? I was always told the diamond shouldn't follow the forms of the grip...
  3. M

    HJ knife M7/10 Henckels - pricing

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I have been wanting to buy a HJ knife in mint state for some time now. I came across the lakesidetrader website where I saw a Near mint/Mint HJ knife for $1,249 USD (Transitional Model 1933 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser by J.A. Henckels of Solingen 1938) Can I...
  4. Sandor

    M7/66 HJ knife transitional Eickhorn

    Hi guys! Here is my transitional Eickhorn HJ knife. (Sorry for the bad phone photos) BR Sandor
  5. W

    Hitler Youth knife by Ernst Grah with blued scabbard

    I first want to say thank you for letting me post and yes, I've read your forum forum rules. I'm going to come out and say it because that's how I am. I have nothing to offer anyone here on German WWII era knives. Or for that matter anything HJ. But that's why I'm here. Because I don't know &...
  6. B

    HJ knife by FW Höller M7/33

    New to the forum. I'm trying to research but can't see others' posted images without posting first, so here ya go. Been after WWII german militaria for some time now (mainly helmets) but just picked this HJ up today at an antique store for a decent price. Looks to be legit, as it passes all of...
  7. M

    HJ buckle dual-marked Assmann and Overhoff

    Hi All, I am a new member here. I used to collect Third reich items many years ago but drifted to other militaria following deluge of fake items. However, after a recent hitler youth knife purchase, I have found myself drawn back in ! What I do like about collecting these days are forums like...
  8. A

    HJ knife RZM M7/2 opinions please

    Hello, I just bought this HJ knife for 350 Euros , i would like some opinions on the dagger and if the price was good, Best Regards Tobias
  9. M

    HJ knife RZM M7/13 and axe for opinions

    This first item is from a friend's collection. Most of his items have good provenance, but this one is difficult. The inlay is pristine, but the blade is well-scuffed and the fittings are rather dark. This second item is not directly HJ, and is post-War, but I'm told there are...
  10. J

    Weitze joins the Fantasy Deutsches Jungvolk DJ Knife Trade

    As mentioned already on another thread, the German Militaria seller WEITZE.COM, has sunken to a new low, and has joined in on the trade in the Fantasy DJ knives. Offering two at the moment. Buyer beware. If anyone is thinking of purchasing these from them, do yourself a favour and challenge...
  11. mkholst

    HJ Knife - "Christmas tree" maker mark

    Hi guys Enclosed a pic of a producer mark, of which I do not know the producers name. It is pictured in Johnsons book "Collecting the Edged...." vol. 5, page 238 as an "Uncommon Proofmarks 1933-45", but no name mentioned. Do any of you hav a name on this mark: And a second question: below...
  12. W

    Opinions invited on M7/5 HJ Knife

    I would be grateful for opinions on this knife by Hans Julius Krebs. The blade seems to be in exceptionally good condition when compared with the rest of the knife. I attach some pics. Thanks, Peter
  13. W

    Opinions invited on H J Knife by to me an unknown maker

    I would be grateful for opinions on this knife by to me an unknown maker. It is not in the best of condition, but am wondering if this is an unusual maker. I attach some pics. Thanks, Peter
  14. A

    Hitler Youth knife: Incredible fake or an Incredible find, you tell me?

    I started collecting Hitler Youth knives a little while back. My collection is small and I'm still constantly learning about them. A friend of mine new I collected them and discovered this in a shop overseas and brought it back to me. Is this an incredible fake or an incredible find? I've tried...
  15. W

    HJ knife by Tiger Solingen - opinions please.

    I would be grateful for opinions on this knife. I attach some pics. Thanks, Peter
  16. F

    1933 Schüttelhöfer HJ knife with small diamond and Blut und Ehre motto on blade

    From a smaller manufacturer A. Schüttelhöfer handel of ribbed plastic and magnetic iron handle. Just in from Germany
  17. J

    HJ knife good or bad ?

    This knife was sold as genuine. I know the scabbard is fake but what about the knife ?
  18. mkholst

    Early HJ knife by C. Lütters & Co - untouched

    Hi guys Yesterday evening I got this beautiful never used HJ-knife. It is so beautiful, that I will share the moment of joy with you. On the close-up pics of the blade I can se some needle pin size spots, but when you have it in hand you can not se it. The white liners inside the scabbard is...
  19. J

    Stunning! New evidence for the DJ Knife found

    Was checking Erdmann Militaria, and stumbled across a period photo, showing stunning new evidence for the DJ knife. .... er...... er...... no wait, that DJ lad is wearing what kinda looks like the normal HJ/DJ knife? :pound: Ein bissel spaß muss sein.
  20. F

    DJ and HJ leader with strange knife

    From 1943.