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Thread: First HJ Knife

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    First HJ Knife

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for a first HJ Knife and was wondering what is the make of choice. I have collected various items in the past and started at the bottom and worked my way up to quality. This time I want to start at a decent level so I don't feel the need to upgrade at a later date.

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    I would hold out for a very nice conditioned original. I would not get too set on a certain maker as long as the knife and scabbard are in good original condition. I would find one with a nice motto if you are only going to buy one.

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    I agree with Darin - good advice.

    Don't be too concerned with a specific maker.

    Ultimately, your budget will determine the quality of the piece you buy.

    I'd suggest looking for one with a motto and maker mark, and a diamond with no enamel damage. The better the condition of the blade, the higher the price will be. There are some great 'used' condition knives around that are very collectable as well.

    Don't be in too much of a rush to buy one, there are always plenty available, and you should have a good look around and get a feel for what the prices are, and what you can get for the money.

    Good luck!



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    Many thanks for the replies, still looking for the right one and will take your advice,

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    Always get the best conditioned example you can find when it comes to blades and daggers IMO. You will find a nice one I am sure. Patience pays in the end.

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    I totally agree with Gefolgschaft and Russell. Do not worry about specific marker and try to get the best conditioned knife you can afford. For my first knife, I got an early Gottlieb Hammesfahr with a clear motto and a fantastic small wiggling diamond. Not cheap, but it's a pleasure looking at it. Then I got a late knife by the same maker. But the first knfe, must be an early one in the best possible condition.

    And, as Russel said, take your time. Looking for a HJ knife is also a pleasure in itself.

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    Where is the problem to find a fantastic conditioned HJ knife, if you are a rich man. But I guess many of us need there little budget to survive. I myself am glad to own heavily used original HJ items, that reminds me in a goneby time with all its painfull and positive aspects.

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    I am in the same position, I have been sitting with money in hand for the right knife to come along. However the online shops are very over priced in America, and postage to UK is probabaly going to hit me bad too. Hold off like I am for the right one though.

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