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    HJ 1936 Olympic games knife

    Thats the HJ Knife I haved see in internet for sale commemorative for the olympic games.

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    I dont think much of these, the lines in the hanger are just like the hangers on repro fighting knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albrecht View Post
    Thats the HJ Knife I haved see in internet for sale commemorative fo the olimpic games.
    Hi Albrecht,
    I don't like it....
    Best regards

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    I'm not a fan of these either. Some say they are good, some say they are bad. Much like the DJ knife, a lot of controversy.

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    I can not say anything about the knife but it seems clear that the scabbard is a reproduction.....

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    as i said on your last post regarding this dagger, i beleive they are post war made. however some people like them but i persoanlly would not have one inmy collection unless i found photographic proof that they excisted , i mean look at all the pics from the olympics from that year but never has a pic of these been found

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    A bit late on this thread, but no, i don't like them either. The internet site that the first-post pics are taken from, is Rainers site, admittedly he has fallen for a few baddies these past months, but in General, he is a STAND-UP GUY. One of the very very minute, very minute German collectors that i get along with and respect. The main problem is, when a big name publishes them as being Good, (Johnson) they become good. The question of why someone with so many decades of experience would publish them as being good, is, i guess, left up to personal interpretation. The etched 1935 Reichsparteitag Knives were also just recently published as being Genuine, so there you go. Good for Gardening i guess.

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    They really look nice , but I would not waste my money unless there is SOLID PROOF !

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    You know I bet this is some of the stuff that was sold at the souvenir shops during the Olympics.Not an official issue HJ knife but a German souvenir.But I would think some of our experts on this site would have seen others and in all the books I have on the 36 Olympics I have never seen one of these before.I sort of like them if they are real I want one.

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