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    Quote Originally Posted by wilhelm saris View Post
    I still am waiting someone can post a photograph of the dagger, bayonet-type in wear
    or where the diamond is not posititoned in the normal position for the grip (also actually
    Check the HJ knife page Wim. There's a photo of a HJ boy there wearing a so-called "trench knife" likely to be by Anton Wingen with the diamond in a different place:

    You can jump to that specific wiki page section here

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    Sorry, I do not see such photo at all. Had a better look now and yes!
    The photo shows the diamond indeed lower then normal, but the
    knife worn is not a HJ-Fahrtenmesser. Not an official one anyway.

    I have not ever seen advertisements for this one with diamond, but

    The typical head for the dagger as worn by the boy and who is
    claiming this to be a Wingen? od.jpg
    Would it be possible the dad from the lad was a true "handy boy",
    who knew to manage to get a diamond in that position. He never
    will have had the thought that 80 years later some "experts" were
    discussing why the diamond was there?

    I may remember the "experts" that a lot was done after the war, to
    things and able to sell and trade for food, cigarettes and
    whatever. I have seen this happen in a cellar at Solingen in about
    1955/1956, when I was 13-14 years old. The granddad of people
    I knew was doing this. It is a pity I cannot remember the
    manufacturing markings, but I have seen boxes, loaded with this stuff.

    img747.jpgThe head from Wingen in spring 1933:

    img748 - kopie.jpgThe typical head as by Pack and others:

    img760.jpgThe typical head as for a childs bayonet with the about
    length for a Fahrtenmesser from a price-list from October 1933 from Max Müller.
    The price was just Rm 1.10

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    Yes, definitely not an official knife Wim. That this might be a Wingen knife came from another forum - GDC I think (Hermann V). How fantastic that would have been if you had been able to take notes back then :) A lot could be cleared up straight away these days with knowledge like that.

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    Believe me Garry I did not care for a minute about
    in those days.
    Not only that, but closets with uniforms and whatever I have seen
    during my visits at family and friends, between 1950 and 1960!
    I could have taken from the cellar as many of such daggers as I wished
    to have them. I however was scared the customs would confiscate
    what I had, when returning at Dutch borders. They were not forgotten
    the war then. They still hated the "huns"........Even my name was enough
    to been bullied.

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    Damasco, the guy who posted the insurance claim list on WAF (see post #4 for a copy) and got the DJ knife fanboys in a tizz (for no reason as was already discussed) was asked the following.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mac 66 on WAF
    damasco, do you have any period paperwork on these Aluminium hilted small knifes as to when they were manufactured ?, if not what is your honest thoughts as to when they were manufactured ? , should they be called a DJ knife ??, if we can find answers to these questions the case "might" be closed
    I think he posted that after seeing how the Weinands and Iqbals of this world had proclaimed this insurance report as a revelation. Anyway, damasco's answer (bearing in mind that he has admitted to not having an opinion about these knives or being particularly knowledgeable about them) was....?

    Well, it turned out to be rather enigmatic:
    Quote Originally Posted by damasco on WAF
    As far as answers to the last post the archives were scattered to the wind and it has been very expensive to find them.. As I have time I look through them and find clues and great info.. It is all ongoing..
    What he is effectively saying is that once he has read through every page of his archives he is sure that he will find the answers to Mac 66's questions because he feels that his archives are sufficient. Are they? Well, who knows but he clearly doesn't know exactly what his archives contain and he certainly doesn't have an index page because if he knew the former or, at the very least, had the latter he would be able to cut straight to the chase - which he doesn't.

    I'm not having a go at this guy because good research is always welcome but why muddy the waters with enigmatic and unsubstantiated half-claims which he may or may not return to at some undefined point in the future?

    Although I don't believe that it exists, I would be among the first to acknowledge the emergence of an
    authorisation if someone were able to find it but until then, dealers and sellers have no business claiming that these little knives are DJ, BDM or HJ-DJ.

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    The door MUST be left ajar... think of the cash that Wittmann, Johnson, Inkball, Weinlands and the rest would have to pay back to the collectors they fleeced… so, one or more of them will do their best to pepper the forums with this kind of bullcrap every now and then. They tried it already on Ratisbons auctions last year with the fake piece of paper supposedly of a maker producing small DJ knives for export - in 1944!
    I wonder if they have "Brian the blade" (Wittmann`s Brian, the drunk with a dead chicken under his workbench) making up these fake stories... maybe the blade business has gone sour for them, i mean, we saw retired navy somethingorother Thomas Johnson sell an HJ knife with GREEN diamond a while back... how low can you go? That would have been the scrapings from Brian`s workbench drawer... All they have left is crap, and because collectors are needling them for answers, a fake piece of paper mentioning this or that occasionally floats onto a forum, a whisper of a supposed photo that supposedly shows something or other...

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    Yep, totally agree with that Jo.

    If you came here after looking at the DJ knife photo here:

    It's a fake. I added the knife in Photoshop but imagine if a photo like this were commissioned by someone to defend these knives...

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    This was brought to my attention by another collector...
    The WAF moderator on the daggers section/forum... just happens to be, Wittmann`s "Table Helper"
    start the video at the 2:00 mark. And try not to laugh.

    (by the way, in a week or two, Thomas Wittmann will feature in the next "Exposing the scam" video i make.)

    The WAF Moderator Serge Masche should be barred from any discussion about these knives. If the WAF want him as a Moderator, then he should be barred from all discussions on the dagger forum that have a Wittmann connection, and only be there as a Moderator.
    But, we are talking about the WAF now, the corrupt Militaria forum where shilling takes precedence over facts, the Militaria Safe Space where Snowflakes can feel at home without nasty reminders of documented history, or people pointing out the obvious.


    Wittmann Antique Militaria Show Journal - OVMS Show of Shows 2012 - YouTube

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