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    HJ knife with Blut und Ehre in gothic letters

    hello everyone!
    i have some doubts about buying the attached piece,especially with the etching.i've never seen an gothic one but my knowledge and experience is too small to tell that they doecent exist.Have You seen something like this before?the seller wants a equivalent of 125$ so little risky with the propability of buying a nice copy:)
    best regards

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    Sorry I missed this thread somehow, hopefully you didn't buy it because it is not a genuine knife.



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    Yuk! As Russ said, not an authentic knife.

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    hello once again
    fortunately i didn't make a was waking too many doubts for me an the seller introduced some ''pressing'' on me so i thinked that this knife must be badzand cancelled the business and saved my money on something else.
    thank You very much for the answers
    best regards

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    You did well. You said the risk was not high, as the seller wanted around 125 bucks. Well, 125 $ for a fake is a lot of money!!!

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