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    Thanks. I agree with a lot of what you guys have said on this. You all seem to agree on the central issue though which is that certain members of the "higher echelon" seem not to feel that they are in any way accountable for what they say and that even when evidence is shown that conflicts with what they say, nothing changes. Perhaps the statement by Bob I#### is a telling one. He uses the word "respected" as if he is talking about a round table of all-knowing collector "knights" and seems to be intimating that if you are not "respected" then your opinion doesn't count. Am I making sense? I read the "Deutsche Jugend Messer" thread on
    with great interest a couple of days ao and although a win was claimed by Bob, I don't think any intelligent collector could come to any other conclusion than to say that the supporters of the DJ and Bdm knives came out of it looking a little silly.

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    one of the main reasons friends that you see very little contrary opinions about the knives and the charlatans who sell them on the other forums is ONE COMMENT GETS YOU IMMEDIATELY BANNED FROM THE FORUM and another dissenting voice is silenced right JO

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    Paul, the same thing that happened to "another" forum, has happened on German Daggers Forum. Only a very few "names" posting or commenting, and they are the ones that all say this crap is good. So naturally you dont stand a hope in hell of any constructive dialog there. This rubbish HAS TO BE REAL to them, because they all sell them, or own one.

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    GDC has a long history of silencing good people same as WAF the real honourable collectors have left or been silenced and now these forums are very quiet with little posting of any relevance anymore.

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    Thought we should add this one to the thread - from LTC TMJ (Ret) website.

    Birthday dedication to a 6 year old on an "HJ" Knife?

    But, we are told children of this age were issued "DJ" knives aren't we?

    How can this be?



    Description: Hitler Youth Knife w/Motto and Birthday Dedication (#28467)
    Maker:ANTON WINGEN, JR. SOLINGEN and armored knight with sword TM; Condition:EX++; SOLD


    ANTON WINGEN JR., SOLINGEN and armored knight with sword TM. Nickel plated hilt fittings show almost no wear with no damage or loss to plating . Black grip plates are perfect and show almost no wear. Plated blade with “BLUT UND EHRE” motto grades EX++ showing light surface wear/runner marks and very light speckling but, no nicks or damage. Reverse balde features professionally rendered etch “ZUM 6. GEBURTSTAG ALLES GUTE”: For your 6th Birthday, wishing you the best. Dedication is surrounded by seven etched tree branches (pine). Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 97% of the black enamel showing very minor wear. Scabbard features black leather diagonal belt loop showing only light age with no cuts to leather. EX++ (28467) SOLD

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    Here are a few bigger images, as the images on his site are wincy.
    A good close-up of the rivets would be enough to make you laugh at this 6 year olds Blut & Ehre knife. I see some poor sod has already been fleeced for almost 600 dollah!

    The REAL joke though, is this part: Reverse balde features professionally rendered etch
    What, pray tell, is a professionally rendered Etch? Any fool can acid etch whatever they want, on whatever they want. There is a difference between a Tom Johnson garage-etching, and a
    makers etching? Really?

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    There's no diamond either. Bit of an oversight huh?

    A Hitler Youth knife without a diamond?

    Unless it's on the reverse grip plate...

    What a frankenstein this one has turned in to!



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    The ultra-bent finger-protector is surely an indication that it was for a young guy, with supple fingers, fingers that surely could not risk being hurt... possibly a
    -förderling.. possibly the son of a wealthy
    Could a 6 year old even carry such a knife? nothing to do with regulations now, but could he "physically" pick it up? LOL.....

    Johnson should have rolled with a post war Bärentöter knife, that way there would have been place for a HJ (or DJ, or KKK or NASA or DEA...) badge, and it is available in all sizes..


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    Yes, one of those, and a "Change-the-diamond-yourself-D.I.Y-kit" from eBay .. and you would be rolling in the dollahs...


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    Wait a Minuit. There have been thousands of posts on this site saying that there is no such thing as a DJ knife! Now we see a period add? What the hell is going on.

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