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    Yup, it would be very useful if some of the chaps from earlier in the thread could revisit this discussion and show something in the way of a photo or some primary literature. They seemed very sure of the knife's legitimacy.

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    I would like to proof these was produced on wartime period; but it is not easy because there is not factible period evidences. The only fact what I know, there is a friend mine on Mallorca who owns one from his phater (who's still alive) who got it on early 40's. He's not collector or anything related to militaria, he just show me his knife once because he did know I am collector. But this is not a proof or evidence.
    Anyway I can show here some photos -period time- from the knife or similar knife.

    - 1st photo is unknow but it is before 1969 because their uniform is from Frente de Juventudes (1940-1969)
    - 2nd photo is the writer E. Gimenez Caballero, dated 1937.
    - 3rd is said is from 1936. Look the left Falange leader. Even if it if it is not 1936 we know it is before 1943 by the colonel's uniform.
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    That's useful Albrecht. Many thanks.

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    HERE is a SPANISH YOUTH knife for sale, great for discussion

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    Man, those grip plates don't fit very well, too narrow and large gaps!

    The rivets look they've been re-worked as well, or are they always this bad?

    The scabbard in the middle pic above does not look like the scabbard presented with these knives.

    It looks to have a ball at the base, similar to a dress bayonet.



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    This is interesting.

    Looks like this one in the link below is the 'expensive' one in Spain at Eu227 whereas the 'common' one is the one with the arrows!



    machete/cuchillo guerra civil española 1936 sea - Comprar Armas Blancas Originales Fabricadas entre 1851 y 1945 en todocoleccion - 42375199
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    Very interesting discussion. Well I don't know much about these knives, but the one with the arrows is the "Falange" knife, whereas the other is supposed to be the "carlista" one (at least this is what the description says, I can't tell). They are different versions, different knives, actually: people from Falange and carlistas belonged to two different and antagonistic (though they both fought in support of Nationalist Spain in the Spanish Civil War) groups.
    Another one "carlista" here for sale in Todocolección:

    Be careful, by the way with TC. There are some fakes, here and there, as you probably know.

    (Admin Edit: link removed. Please copy the photos and upload them to the thread. Once that sale item is removed from the external website so are the photos and we will never know which knife was being discussed. Thanks!)

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