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Thread: Heyman-tragedy

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    It was in about 1985, as when I learned to know a former "Landjahr"-member from
    Wuppertal, when reading a newspaper during a short vacation in Germany in the
    Lüdenscheid-area. Kurt was very interested in early youth-organizations. Kurt and
    his wife Gretha had a rather good contact with me, but pitily (due to all kinds of reasons),
    he hardly had any from his old photographs left from the
    -period. Some years later
    he brought me into contact with a friend, who always had been a member from youth-
    organizations: an about 75 year old bachelor, August Heyman.

    Various times I visited kind August and during one of his visits he showed me at least
    four photo-albums from him as an early youth-member, who automatically became
    a HJ-member. He was a short period also in the
    before he became a member of
    the German army. As he had no relatives at all he promised me all of his albums when
    he would die. One day he gave me some reproductions of his photographs, not the
    best quality, but that was okay, as I would later get all of them. I was very patient.
    The photographs I got were randomly chosen by him. It was an average from being a
    youngster, wearing a students-cap (1927), along with his twin-brother, with his mother,
    friends (about 1931/1932) and a grouping from the HJ (1933-1937), as well as a nice
    photograph from him and his twin-brother during a parade in (I think it was) Berlin in
    July 1938 during the "home-coming" of German-Austrian troops. This photograph was
    even published in the German press as it was quite remarkable what the both twins did:
    they saluted simultaneously with the hand at the head, but not as how it shoulw have
    been with the "Hitlergruss"!

    I was quite shocked one day when I was informed by my old friend Kurt that August
    was murdered in his home in the early 1990's. The people that cleared away the house
    either may have kept the albums (to get money out of them) or they may have thrown
    all away in the dustbin. As far as I know it must have been this last, as no album whatever
    has popped up in later years at any of the known dealers from those days from that area.
    The murder was bad luck for August and also to me as I did not get any of the albums.
    Some of the photographs I will show seperately!

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    Tragic indeed. Thanks for showing these Wim.

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    Thanks Garry. A few photographs from Kurt are to be found in the section "Landjahr"
    in the handbook. Kurt died in the early 1990's from cancer. It was a great lost for me,
    as I have learned much from him.

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    thanks for making the correction about the age of August. I just have noticed this.

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    Beautiful photos. Thank you very much for showing these. Some of the photography in these are so striking.

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