1. S

    Marine HJ white cap MHJ BERLIN

    Hello.. I am in need of your opinion on this Marine HJ cap please.I think it's ok but just in need of another opinion. Thanks not the best photos sorry
  2. mkholst

    My Deutsches Jungvolk DJ shoulder straps - Jungbann 129, Jungbann 200 Berlin

    I just want to show you my 2 straps from Ost/Berlin. As far as i know, straps form Berlin are relatively uncommon. Both are in used/very used condition, but I like them. 129 = Lichtenberg-Köpenick 200 = Steglitz-Tempelhof Michael:denmark
  3. S

    HJ in Berlin : April - May 1945

    Hi everyone.. I am doing a project on the HJ involvement in Berlin in the last days of the war. This forum has been of help in the past, particularly Garry's contributions on the Havel thread. I am still stuck up for authentic information, pics / photos, and documents that are relevant to this...
  4. F

    Iron cross first class, given to HJ for combat performance in Berlin 1945!

    Hallo Gentˋs, i have been told that this cross is given to a youngster in 1945 under the battle for Berlin! Can this be true? I canˋt figure out which Company made it back then. It has No markings and glossy finish.
  5. A

    HJ and BDM uniform in Berlin 1945

    Hello everyone! I'm sorry for my english SO MUCH! i'm interesting of reconstuction, and reconstruction of HJ and BDM including. alas, in Russia are no many places to wear HJ-BDM unifrorm ( But however My yonger comrad was HJ-boy at reconstruction "Berlin 1945" at last year. He had very nice...
  6. christianlohmann

    Kurier Ausweis Fähnlein "Husaren", Jungbann 37(b) Berlin

    I just saw this nice Ausweis for a courier, which qualified the boy to get the mail of the Fähnlein "Husaren" to the main office of the Jungbann 37(b) Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf in Berlin. It is for sale at in a lot of HJ related items. I first thought it could be a fake, but changed my...
  7. W

    Flieger-Technische Vorschule Genshagen summer cap

    Hello, I just bought this overseas cap for " Flieger - HJ ". Its condition is excellent . It is well stamped from school " Flieger technische Vorschule Genshagen ". The city of Genshagen is located in south-west of Berlin. However, I do not find any information about this school. I only know...
  8. beitzen7

    Marine HJ sailor style hat, blue fixed and white removable tops--MHJ Berlin 13

    I just obtained this nice example. I believe it dates from between Jan 1933 and Jan 1935 due to no RZM tag but it does have a nice tag inside with the name of the owner and unit name. I think that there is no question it is period. The name of the boy is also scratched into the sweatband. It...
  9. kriegsmodell

    Kriegsfreiwilliger der Hitler Jugend Urkunde

    Urkunde document recognizing the recipient as a Kriegsfreiwilliger der Hitler Jugend in Gebiete Berlin. Heavy paper stock is 4 by 6 inches folded/closed with stylized HJ Diamond, Sword & Oak Leafs above the title Kriegs Freiwilliger to the front. Interior left has quotations from Adolf Hitler...
  10. cemifor

    Reichsseesportschule 1 "Gorch Fock"

    Reichsseesportschule 1 "Gorch Fock" at Prieros by Königswusterhausen, south-east of Berlin in Gebiet 2 (Mark Brandenburg). The school was established in 1935. According to regulations from 21.9.1940, the courses for the Seesportprüfung A were only held at the Reichsseesportschulen I, II and IV...
  11. F

    HJ triangle Ost Berlin

    Hi, I Seen This East Berlin, thinking it should be OK ... Greeting
  12. J

    Fake paper bags

    Fahrtenmesser für die Marine-HJ, Fahrtenmesser für die Hitlerjugend Olympiade Berlin. Sold for 70 euros? why? It is all pooh! ?? Auktionshaus Loesch 8045
  13. R

    HJ Berlin Olympics 1936 and RPT Nürnberg 1935 knifes

    Has anyone ever proved that those knives are some type of fantasy knife ? I have heard some say they think they are fakes because because no pictures exist of soldiers wearing them. But this is not a type of military knife but a souvenir knife Looks like three of the biggest names in the hobby ...
  14. L

    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ fanfare banner with Berlin Bear emblem

    Hi, here is my first contribution ... i just purchased few cloth items coming directly from an estate of a vet officer who served in 2nd DB (died few years ago in France). This guy belonged to earlier collectors :lol: i already bought from this place a cigars etui made of leather with HG blazon...
  15. H

    Early HJ Oberbann 2 cap and Flieger-HJ cap by Robert Lubstein.

    Hi folks, i would like to share my mutze i am particularly happy with these , like nothing before! Oberbann 2 mutze with RZM Jugendmutze tag stamped 4, a truly lovely made cap, sweat band stamped edel leder, cap has a very nice padded shape! Flieger- HJ mutze with nice liner markings...
  16. W

    Hitler Youth Ost-Berlin sleeve triangle with strange RZM label

    Hello Friends, Today my OST BERLIN in mint condition arrived. Any opinions? The RZM Zettel shows a hole there where the manufacturer Code should be - is that OK? Thanks Peter
  17. W

    Help with RZM 551

    Hello friends, I recently bought with WEITZE a pair of Flieger-HJ black shoulder boards belonging to the BERLIN Bann 37. In the Saris Ref. book one can read that the black shoulderstraps with blue piping became official since late 1938. On the back of one of these straps the RZM Zettel with...
  18. W

    HJ in the battle of Berlin

    Hello friends, I'm new in this great forum and started digging in. As a student of WWII warfare I became intrigued by the battle of BERLIN in April 1945. In the process of trying to determine which German units were engaged in the battle I came across the HJ. Here I have to explain myself a...
  19. J

    Info wanted on: Sondergruppe/Sammlergruppe Historische Dokumente

    It is a long shot i know, but for a future project i am seeking any & all information on the small "collectors group" within the KDF known as the: Sondergruppe: Historische Dokumente Abteilung: Sammeln am Feierabend. It was a small Sammlergruppe (Special group of collectors) run by Otto Dürre...
  20. hoodooedd

    DJ Fire Training (Feuerwehrscharen) Late-war Berlin

    Hi this is some photos of the Ost Berlin DJ late war doing Fire Training. Incredible to think of the dangerous work these young boys had to do.