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    very nice photo thanks for shareing mate :D

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    Great photo Steve. Very interesting. He's from Marine-Gefolgschaft 4 of Bann 5 Groß-Danzig (previously Danzig) but that Bann was never part of Gebiet 16 Sachsen. As Henrik says, his 'home' Gebiet is Danzig-Westpreussen. This was created through the renaming of Gebiet Ostland at the end of 1939 with Bann Danzig being renamed Bann Groß-Danzig two years later so it's odd that his hat tally isn't showing 'Groß-Danzig' - especially as late as 1945 when the photo was taken (if that is indeed what the date on the reverse means).

    I don't see any signs of either triangle being a tradition triangle and in any case this boy looks too young to have been able to qualify anyway. This method of wearing the Sachsen triangle is only (in my experience anyway) seen on the tracksuit and even then it was against regulations to do so but he's obviously trying to tell us something with the Sachsen triangle so perhaps this is a boy who has recently moved west from Danzig to Sachsen (perhaps in 1945 as the Russians encircled Danzig)and is wearing the Sachsen triangle as an outward and temporary sign of this. I don't know. Interesting photo though.

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    hi guys thought i would post this here as some folk might not have seen it but i know a couple has. its another intresting non regulation setup in wear the picture is from a 1934 calender.

    image borrowed from member at the WRF so thanks.

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    great info Garry thanks for the further thoughts on this. When I said the triangle was being worn as a traditions badge , I meant that the plain triangle was being used for that purpose not litzen required. It would be most interesting to date the photo for sure but must be well into the war years .The use of traditions badges and mascot insignia transcends the whole German machine from
    to U-BOATS with no written authorization in many even most cases

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