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    Gebietsvergleichkampf in KK-Schiessen - Smallbore shooting

    Einberufung - Gebietsvergleichkampf in KK-Schiessen

    Call up for a comparing competition in smallbore shooting (20 shots in the 3 aiming positions) [standing, kneeling, lying] on 20 June 1943 in Heilbronn.

    The participants has to meet not later than 6:30 early Saturday at the central railwaystation in Kaiserslautern, wearing uniform according to the regulations.

    Signed by Obergefolgschaftsführer Sauer, supervisor for smallbore shooting in Gebiet Westmark (25).

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    Found an example of a Kleinkaliber riffle with HJ stamps
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    Introduced in the 1930s, the Klein Kaliber Wehrsportgewehr was designed to mimic the weight, feel and features of the military standard 98k bolt action rifle and was popular with paramilitary organizations within Germany, including the Hitler Youth. Blade front and tangent rear sights with "eagle/N" proofs on the barrel and receiver, Gustloff trademark and address on the receiver ring and "KK Wehrsportgewhr" on the right side. Smooth pistol grip stock, with two barrel bands. Both sides of the buttstock are ink stamped "N S D A P/Hitler Jugend/Bann 913/Miltenberg a. Main." Miltenberg, located on the river Main in southwestern Germany would end up as part of the American Occupation Zone following the war.

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