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    You have a very large collection of ID cards there, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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    Very nice indeed One of our members has one of these for a Bannführer (ID is dated 26.8.1933) so I'm hoping he'll see this thread and that he'll post pics.

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    Bannführer Ausweis for Bannführer Heinz Bergemann

    Hi all,

    thanks to Garry I was made aware of this thread and I would like to contribute my bit. I have an Ausweis like that. It was issued as number 482 on 26th of August 1933 for HJ member 48577, a Bannführer named Heinz Bergemann.
    He participated on the 25th course at the Reichsführerschule in Potsdam in June/July 35, the 1st course for administration leaders in Calmuth in Nov 35 (signed by Gebietsführer Krügel from the
    staff) and a course on the Geländesportschule in Feb 34.
    He was put in charge as leader of Oberbann 3/10 Wesel-Grenzland from July 33 to May 34. After that he was transferred to the staff of the district Ruhr-Niederrhein.

    As I was told documents of this type are quite rare. Despite not really interested in documents and not always looking who has what I must say I have not seen one for Bannführer or higher somewhere else. If you do have one, please share with us here.
    Sorry for being the uploaded files a bit mixed up but it's not a big issue I think.



    P.S.: Always looking for cap tallies of the
    and photos with well readable cap tally.
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    Bannführer Ausweis (2)

    Oh, another thing: there's a file for this man at the WaSt (information center of Wehrmacht members in Berlin) but I have not been able to obtain a copy of it since I'm not a family member and/or couldn't prove a scientific research (confirmation of a university or similar required).
    If you know anything about him, please drop me a line or reply to this thread. I suppose a guy that far up in hierarchy that early must have done something in the forces sooner or later. The trace of his career in the HJ is lost also for the time after 35.


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    Glad you saw the thread Daniel Really, really nice ID and I wish you luck with your quest to find out more on him. Obviously if I come across his name anywhere I'll give you a shout.

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    In august 2009 I showed a picture of him with his first pattern HJ-Stab shoulder straps. I didn't know his name.

    Best regards
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    Bergmann Foto

    Well, if you don't expect something, for sure it will happen. Is this also one of Murphy's laws or just called coincidence?

    Nice photo. PM sent.

    Rgds and thanks for sharing


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